Crossfit Helps John Zimmer Train Stronger Movers

Crossfit Helps John Zimmer Train Stronger Movers

At Gentle Giant, we live to hustle and be the most physically fit moving company in town. On almost every job we are at, customers will stand back in awe. The Giants are known to blast up stairs with heavy book boxes and maneuver heavy pieces of furniture around tight turns. When it comes to the strength of our movers, we owe a lot of credit to Gentle Giant’s full-time chiropractor, John Zimmer.

A lot of the Giants are deeply involved in working out, fitness and athletics. This helps to build stamina for long jobs with heavy furniture and several flights of stairs. John Zimmer plays a huge role in helping our movers stay healthy and get stronger. He not only works with the Giants to get out the kinks, but also teaches them proper lifting techniques.

With the new crop of Giants coming in for the summer, John makes sure to spend some time with them going over ways to ensure safety. This means knowing not to lift with your back, but instead going low and using larger muscles in the body to assist in lifting the piece. Maintaining these healthy practices help the Giants go the distance throughout the whole day.

We are thankful to have a Crossfit Gym at Gentle Giant Headquarters in Somerville, MA. Here, John is able to spend time with the Giants before and after work to construct workouts, conduct stretching, and correct some habits related to incorrect form. Under John’s instruction, the Giants increase their strength, mobility, endurance, and overall fitness.

With athleticism and fitness being such a huge priority at Gentle Giant, John’s efforts are a perfect “fit” for our company. He has even gone as far as to challenge the company to a Crossfit Competition, where groups of three men and three women compete for the title.