Do Movers Pack For You?

Do Movers Pack For You?

Moving is stressful, and for many, packing is the most overwhelming part of the moving process. A 2020 NY Post survey revealed that 48% of people find packing the most taxing part of a move. We can understand why. Packing up your life’s belongings into several cardboard boxes is no easy feat. To avoid your move getting the better of you, the experts at Gentle Giant recommend leaving the tedious task of packing to the professionals!

Do Movers Pack For You? How Much Does it Cost?

Most professional moving companies, like Gentle Giant Moving Co., can handle almost all the tasks associated with moving your items. This includes packing up the entire contents of your home (minus a few exceptions we have outlined below). Typically, companies will charge anywhere between $20-$60 per hour per worker for packing services. However, this fee will increase as the number of belongings to be packed increases. For long-distance moves, you will often be quoted a fixed price based on your move size and the nature of your items. If the cost of packing services sounds like something you can fit into your budget, we highly recommend you leave the packing to the professionals. Professional movers will know how to pack your belongings safely to prevent the risk of damage while you sit back and relax.

How Does Gentle Giant Pack Your Belongings?

With over 40 years of experience in the moving industry, the Giants have packing down to a fine art (even when it comes to your valued art). Once you have provided your inventory, your assigned coordinator will determine the number and type of boxes required for the move.

Gentle Giant’s mover training program includes learning how to pack the Gentle Giant way, which places safety and efficiency at its core. The expertly trained movers will pack everything from your fragile dishes and cups to the most awkward items, like lamps, lampshades, and coat hangers. They will even wrap and pack your mirrors, so you don’t have to worry about seven years of bad luck!

Additionally, some moves will require special attention. For example, valuable artwork, electronics, or antiques may require crating. Gentle Giant builds custom wood crates for moving these items and others, ensuring the safe arrival of your valued items.

What Movers Won’t Pack or Move

Movers will pack almost everything – with a couple of exceptions. Typically, they will not pack or move the items listed below. However, we recommend asking your move coordinator for a list of things your movers will not transport. This way, you will know which items to dispose of or take with you in the car.

  • Food
  • Plants
  • Fireworks
  • Medicine
  • Hazardous materials like pesticides, darkroom chemicals, batteries, paints, aerosols, etc.
  • Highly-flammable items. This may include grill and barbecue supplies like lighter fluid and charcoal.
  • Firearms and ammunition.
  • Pets
  • You. Make sure you have a mode of transportation organized as movers will not allow you to ride in the truck with them.

Can Movers Help Unpack My Belongings?

By the time you arrive at your new home, you will likely be exhausted. Unpacking dozens of boxes for hours is the last thing you want to do. Luckily, most moving companies also offer unpacking services. Talk to your move coordinator about including unpacking in your estimate request, so you know the total cost of your move upfront.

Do you have an upcoming local or long-distance move? We have some great resources to get you started! Check out our moving checklist for information on how to prepare for your move and use our free move estimate tool to determine the cost of your move. You can learn about our packing and unpacking services here!