Do You Tip Piano Movers?

Do You Tip Piano Movers?

When you need to move a piano, it’s best not to take the do-it-yourself approach. While you may be eager to save money by going it alone, the potential for damage is not worth the risk. Instead, leave it to the experts. Pianos are heavy, awkward to move, and must be handled delicately. That’s why you should hire professional piano movers. They will have the necessary skills and expertise to prepare and transport your prized piano without a scratch!

Given the difficulty of this task, you may wish to thank your movers for a job well done with a tip. But how much should you be prepared to tip? Keep reading to find out!

How Much Should I Tip Piano Movers?

Moving is a service-based industry, so it makes sense that when tipping your movers, you are encouraged to follow the service-industry standard of 15-20%. Generally, a tip of 15-18% indicates an average experience, while 20%+ indicates an above-average or great service experience. To estimate how much the tip will cost you, we recommend requesting a free quote from your desired piano moving company and adding an additional 15-20%.

It is important to remember that tipping is at your discretion. If it doesn’t fall within your budget, there are other ways to express gratitude to your movers. For example, you can provide water and snacks or leave an online review. A bottle of cold water and an energy bar will be appreciated, especially when moving heavy items like a piano in summer heat. Online reviews are becoming increasingly important to service providers as more and more turn to Google reviews to help make purchasing decisions. Ask your movers where you can leave a review.

What Factors Should I Consider When Tipping Piano Movers?

There are a number of factors that will influence the amount you choose to tip your piano movers. Here are some things to consider:

  1. Quality of service – Did the piano movers succeed in moving your piano undamaged to its new home? You should also pay attention to the care given to other elements in your home, like the walls and stairs.
  2. Timeliness – Did the movers arrive on time?
  3. Communication – How effectively did the piano movers communicate with you? For example, sending updates on their ETA, addressing any damage during the move, and answering your questions.
  4. General demeanor – Were your movers kind? Allston Piano prides itself on employees who understand the stress of a move and who will treat all customers with kindness – like true Gentle Giants!
  5. The difficulty of the move – Sometimes, a move will require movers to climb several flights of stairs, handle very heavy or awkward pieces of furniture, and more. In these circumstances, you may want to show appreciation with a 20% tip.
  6. Move distance – Interstate relocations typically require movers to be on the road for several days. If your moving crew is transporting your piano cross-country, you may want to tip them an additional percentage for this service.

Tipping FAQs

When should I tip my movers?

We recommend tipping at the end once your move is complete. That way, you will know exactly the tip you feel is deserved.
Who should I give the tip to?
If you are unsure who you should leave the tip with at the end of the day, you can leave this up to the crew chief. The chief will have identified themselves at the beginning of your move and is the best person to direct any questions to on the day of the move. Alternatively, you could ask your move coordinator what the best practice is or tip each individual mover directly.
What if I cannot afford to tip?
If tipping is not within your budget, there are other ways to show your appreciation to the moving crew. For example, leaving a positive review on platforms like Yelp or Google is always valued.

Are you in search of professional piano movers? Speak with a reputable piano moving company like Allston Piano Moving today. Learn more about Allston Piano’s services and use our free estimate tool to determine the cost of your piano move.