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Gentle Giant Introduces a Co-Chief Role to Maintain Efficiency

Gentle Giant Introduces a Co-Chief Role to Maintain Efficiency

By the middle of winter, it becomes apparent how seasonal the moving business can be. During these slower times, we remember that we are always working to build a stronger company. In the winter, we perform necessary “maintenance” within the company before the next busy season. This winter, Gentle Giant has worked hard to develop a new role to greatly improve customer satisfaction: Co-Chief.

All of our new Co-Chiefs will be second in command to our Crew Chiefs and will help with the logistics behind every move. As a company, we always strive to deliver the greatest possible moving experience. To deliver on this promise, we have challenged ourselves to grow the levels of service we offer.

In this new age of moving services, we are able to provide everything from storage to furniture restoration. Our skilled Crew Chiefs focus on making every customer “a customer for life” and ensure that every job runs smoothly, from start to finish. It’s important for them to know someone else on the team can share accountability for some of the details, which is why we are introducing the Co-Chief role. The Co-Chief will make sure our crews hit all the important “brand essentials” during the job, including discussing GG Restoration, preparing the customer comment card and writing a thank you note.

We are looking forward to beginning this new Co-Chief program. We are confident the new role will help develop stronger Crew Chiefs, increase customer satisfaction and retention and improve the company overall.