Traditional Commercial Moving Companies vs. Gentle Giant

Traditional Commercial Moving Companies vs. Gentle Giant

As a business, we strive to be notable leaders in the residential and commercial moving industry, both in the way we treat our customers and our employees. We have always tried to live by a motto of treating our employees exceptionally, and in turn expect them to treat our customers with the same level of respect and service. This rule applies to all types of jobs we come across, from local residential moves to large commercial moving jobs.

Commercial Moves vs. Residential Moves

When it comes to commercial moving, there is a lot more to consider compared to a local residential move. A large volume of people will be affected by the move, so there is a lot more planning to consider during the scheduling process. You need to be up and running as a business the next day, otherwise productivity will be lost on behalf of the business. To save money and sanity, you will want the best movers possible when coordinating a commercial move.

Traditionally, commercial movers tend to have a reputation for sending independent contractors to the site of the move, all arriving separately and potentially at different times. They likely will not be in uniform, and because they are working with unfamiliar faces, the team synergy during the move will likely be absent. Gentle Giant is different.

Our Commercial Movers Make the Process Seamless

When you book commercial moving services with us, you will be hiring a crew of our extensively trained Giants, who have dealt with similar jobs in the past and will be used to working together. They will all show up to the site on-time, together, in uniform and on their best professional behavior. You’ll never catch our movers smoking on the job or slacking off; we hustle hard because we only hire the best in the business.

Before your move happens, you may want to coordinate a packing seminar for employees or receive a tutorial on proper labeling and organizing. We are more than happy to offer these services to your office, as covering these bases will make the actual move operate at top efficiency. Post-move, we still have your back, every step of the way. Our Quality Control department consists of a full-time staff with top-notch customer service experience, and we are happy to solve any minor or major setback.

Remember, commercial moves are a big deal, and you’ll want a moving company with experience to handle all the little details. Relocating offices is already stressful enough, so let us carry the weight – we hire athletes for a reason!