How Moving Furniture Can Save Families in Need

How Moving Furniture Can Save Families in Need

Gentle Giant has been able to grow consistently over the past three decades by safely and quickly moving every piece of furniture we come across. We have moved antique pieces, incredibly fragile items – the works. You name it, we’ve moved it successfully.

For us, furniture is our livelihood. We have a certain respect for it, even for items that refuse to fit out a doorway. Without it, our jobs would be virtually unnecessary.

Our customers, however, sometimes have a much different relationship with furniture. There might be a particular piece that is the customer’s most valued possession and they will request Gentle Giant treat it like a delicate newborn baby. We’ve also had instances in which a customer hates a piece of so much that they wouldn’t care if Gentle Giant dropped it off the back of the truck while cruising the highway. (Of course, we would never actually do this).

In the past, if a customer ever wants us to “get rid” of a piece for them, we would take it back to our warehouse and find it a good home. While this worked, it was a long process lacking organization.

Our Gentle Giant warehouse in New York wanted to find a solution, so they have teamed up with Furniture Sharehouse, an organization that takes unwanted furniture and allows families in need to come “shop” through their Sharehouse, for free.

Gentle Giant recently visited Furniture Sharehouse, and we were blown away by the volume of inventory they have carefully organized. We are very happy to begin contributing to this great organization!