Gentle Giant to Host “Green Moving Month” in November

Gentle Giant to Host “Green Moving Month” in November

This November, Gentle Giant will be hosting a Green Moving Month to reduce environmental impact and save our customers money. Throughout the month, we will only be using and selling used moving boxes. Customers who would like to opt out may let their move consultant know, and new boxes will be provided instead.

Since our moving boxes are “built tough” and designed to withstand impact, our used boxes are of superb quality; we would not want to offer our customers anything less! Additionally, used boxes costs between 45 and 65 percent less than new boxes, which means the planet and your wallet will benefit from Green Moving Month.

Green Moving Month

Used Moving Boxes Help the Environment

If every customer were to participate in this program, we have the potential to reuse over 12,000 pounds of cardboard. This would save over 43,000 gallons of water, 20.5 cubic yards or landfill space, 6.2 tons of carbon from entering the atmosphere and 105 mature trees.

When provided with used boxes, customers may notice writing or tape marks from a previous use. To prevent any confusion, we recommend crossing out any old labels and using a new color of marker to write new labels. Gentle Giant offers room label packs, which are $5 for a full house packet and $3 for a half packet.

For any questions about our Green Moving Month, please call us at 800-442-6863 and ask to speak with the Top Box department. We look forward to saving our customers money and doing good for the planet!