All You Need to Know about the Gentle Giant Job Ladder

All You Need to Know about the Gentle Giant Job Ladder

Gentle Giant strives to offer a positive work environment positively impacts our customers, employees and the communities where we serve. The various benefits offered to all full-time employees exceed industry standards: medical and dental insurance, 401k, gym reimbursement, company outings and much more.

Since we strive to be an ethical, honest company, our managers decided that a good way to keep employees motivated is having a formal job ladder. This is a multi-tiered outline that includes the position title, pay range and various requirements – such as experience, training and soft skills – needed to do the job well.

The ladder is created based on input from training, operations and HR, so it is truly a collaborative effort. Transparency offers every employee the same benchmarks for advancement, and allows new employees to find their own path within the company and be rewarded for hard work. The harder you work, the faster you are able to advance in the company. Gentle Giant does not slow growth potential of individual employee by enforcing time requirements for each step on job ladder; we continually review based on experience, responsibility, and certifications.

Having a transparent job ladder means employees don’t need to wait for annual or semi-annual reviews in order to advance within the company. We believe our employees should be recognized and rewarded for their hard work throughout the year, not just during scheduled reviews. From day one, employees have access to information and coaching on how they can work through the requirements for each level of the job ladder.

The steps that an employee can take to move up in the company are clearly communicated, which increases motivation and the opportunity for increased earning potential. Pay grade advances are based on well-defined steps, and are driven by the desire of each employee’s desire to take on additional responsibility.

As a company whose product is its people, we strive to attract and retain top talent at every level, while offering customers the best possible product. By offering transparent salary expectations and clear steps for advancement, Gentle Giant’s hope is that employee motivation, happiness and morale grows. Come join our team, and choose your adventure!