3 Packing Tips to Prepare for Your Upcoming Move

3 Packing Tips to Prepare for Your Upcoming Move

Whether you are moving down the block or across states, the biggest favor you can do for yourself is making sure you’re prepared and organized before the moving trucks even pull up on your street. Here are three tips to help you stay sane as you complete your packing.

1. Remove Clutter
Before you even pack the first box, perform a diligent cleaning of your home. Throw away any trash and donate clothes and furniture that you no longer need. The more stuff you have, the more packing you will have to do. The more boxes, the longer your move will take, which will end up costing you more money.

2. Get Proper Boxes
Sometimes using free boxes works out great, but other times you get ones that are damaged or the wrong size for your moving needs. Ask a friend that recently moved for their boxes, or contact Gentle Giant’s Box Xpress department. We can ship moving boxes across the country, right to your door!

3. Make a Plan
Once you have all your materials (and have watched Gentle Giant’s Pack Like the Pros Tutorial Videos), you’re ready to get started. We suggest starting in the most time consuming parts of your home, like the kitchen. Be sure to set aside enough utensils, plates, and cups to get you through until the move. The same goes for closets, clothes and toiletries.

4. Have fun
Even though moving can be stressful, it is often about embracing a new beginning and starting a fresh chapter in life. Get excited!