Gentle Giant Relaunches International Moving Services

Gentle Giant Relaunches International Moving Services

Gentle Giant Moving Company is pleased to announce the recent relaunch of our international moving services. Our company previously offered international moving alongside our other robust offerings, such as local and interstate moves, and we are very glad to be bringing this service back to our customers, effective immediately.

An international move is an exciting opportunity to have a fresh start, and having a moving company you can trust alongside you for the journey makes all the difference. We are here to answer any questions you have about the process and how we can provide you the best service possible during such an important transition.

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about international moving:

1.) To which countries does Gentle Giant offer international moving services?

We offer international moving services to every country. Leave the logistics to us!

2.) How does receiving an estimate work for an international move, compared to receiving an estimate for a local or interstate move?

One of our international moving consultants will email the customer an estimate directly, making the process straightforward and similar to the process of receiving an estimate for any other type of move. We are currently acting as a third-party agent for overseas shipping agents and primarily work with Rainier Overseas Moving.

3.) What items will Gentle Giant not move internationally?

There are several items we cannot move regardless of the distance of the move we perform, including weapons, flammables, and pressurized items, among others. Some countries have limitations on the amount of alcohol you can bring in before paying a tariff.

4.) How far in advance do potential customers need to book an international move with Gentle Giant?

Ideally, customers should provide one to two months’ notice to Gentle Giant prior to their international move. In more urgent situations, we are able to get an international move organized within one week.

5.) Do customers need to be present for their items to clear customs?

No, customers are not required to be present for their items to clear customs. As long as what is being shipped internationally is clearly defined, there should be no issue.

6.) How does insurance work for international moves with Gentle Giant?

Insurance is provided by the overseas shippers; in most cases it is provided by Rainier.

Ready to learn more about our international moving services? Fill out our moving estimate request form or give us a call at 800-442-6863 to speak with a move consultant.