Gentle Giant Launches Top Box, a new materials program

Gentle Giant Launches Top Box, a new materials program

Gentle Giant is proud to announce the rebranding of its materials department from Box Xpress to Top Box, as of April 2017.

The former title for the Gentle Giant materials department, Box Xpress, was created in the late 1990s. Prior to the creation of Box Xpress, employees at Gentle Giant sold materials to customers as needed based on their move. Once more customers took an interest in receiving materials from Gentle Giant, the need for an entire materials department arose, and thus Box Xpress was born.

Since its origin, Box Xpress has been a steady part of the Gentle Giant brand. A company desire to promote visibility in the community, increase sales and bring customers a fresh perspective on materials led to discussion about rebranding. Since most Gentle Giant customers purchase materials from the company at some point during their moving process, it’s essential that they know they’re receiving the “top” value when it comes to boxes and materials.  The new name is simple: easy to spell, see and sell.

One goal for the rebranding is making sure customers have the resources they need ahead of time through box deliveries before customers begin packing. The free moving box delivery service is an amenity Box Xpress provided before the rebrand, but Gentle Giant will be encouraging box delivery even more through the rebrand. Move consultants will now mention Top Box and materials to customers during the initial customer phone call.

The Top Box logo was designed by Carol Lasky at Cahoots Design Company in Boston, MA. Gentle Giant was more than pleased to work with Cahoots Design for the rebranding, as Carol designed the iconic Gentle Giant feet logo that appears on company clothing and trucks.

The boxes distributed by Top Box will display the Gentle Giant name, Top Box logo, company phone number and a “Please Reuse or Recycle This Box” tagline to align with company-wide sustainability efforts. The boxes will also feature a certified logo from the Sustainable Forestry Initiative. Top Box is proud to use a vendor, Victory Packaging, that is SFI certified.

In addition, Gentle Giant successfully completed a Sustainable Business Leader program to reduce the company’s carbon footprint through energy efficiency, water conservation and waste management. Gentle Giant is only one of four moving companies in the state of Massachusetts to be certified as a Sustainable Business Leader.

To learn more about Top Box and to purchase our top quality materials for your next move, check out the Top Box page on our website here.