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Regional Spotlight: Gentle Giant’s Washington D.C. Warehouse

At Gentle Giant’s Washington D.C. Branch, becoming the Capital’s go-to source for premium moving services was always part of our plan.

When we opened our Washington D.C. Branch a few years ago, a big focus was recreating the iconic Gentle Giant brand that has been cultivated New England over the past 30 years. Our first step was putting Matt Packebush, a Master Crew Chief from GG Headquarters, in charge of the branch.

By putting Matt at the helm, we are insuring that all the new Giants in D.C.  that Matt hires will be taught the Gentle Giant way, by a man who helped define it. This means hustling, going above and beyond and respecting all members of the crew.

To find out how Matt has made Gentle Giant the D.C. Moving Company of choice or to book a move in the D.C. area, check out the Gentle Giant D.C. website.