San Francisco Giants Serve the Sunset Neighborhood Beacon Center

San Francisco Giants Serve the Sunset Neighborhood Beacon Center

At the beginning of 2012, GG San Francisco organized and completed a pro-bono move for the Sunset Neighborhood Beacon Center. The SNBC provides resources to families in distressed and under-served communities. This gave us an excellent opportunity to serve the individuals that have made San Francisco one of California’s most philanthropic communities.

Through our partnership with the Sunset Neighborhood Beacon Center, we provided essential assistance to their remodeling efforts. The SNBC needed help with removing unwanted materials, detaching and safely removing old appliances and laying a new floor in the center.

Since opening for business in early 2011, GG San Francisco has served the SF community with enthusiasm. We provided on-site assistance at the Escape the Rock Triathlon, loaded Gentle Giant trucks with gear during the Enviro-Sports Sharkfest Swim event and contributed to the California Rugby community.

As a company, we have a long tradition of community-based philanthropy. This was recognized in 2008 when we won the Boston Business Journal’s “Innovation Partner of the Year” award.

“Supporting the communities that support our small business is important for us,” Gentle Giant founder and CEO Larry O’Toole said. “The relationships Gentle Giant has developed in San Francisco sets a great example within our growing company.”