Giant Alum: Dan Walsh, Olympian and Former Mover

Giant Alum: Dan Walsh, Olympian and Former Mover

Gentle Giant is happy to recognize 2008 Olympic Bronze Medalist and Master Mover Dan Walsh. Dan’s accomplishments make everyone at GG so proud, and we are privileged to have worked with Dan during his world-class rowing career.

Dan started working at Gentle Giant during the summer of 2000 while taking summer classes at Northeastern University. Giants Dave Lister and Rob Leaver came to the Northeastern Boathouse when he was a freshman to talk about the opportunity to work at Gentle Giant. He felt a connection instantly, since Northeastern University rowers founded Gentle Giant.

Dan liked the flexibility of being a mover and desired to work hard, so becoming a Giant was a natural fit. One of his favorite parts of being a Giant was working with some incredibly talented people, including crane master Rooty.

“The Giants are a great group of smart people who really enjoy life. They have big hearts and great stories. There is never a boring day on the trucks with the right group, never a bad day with a good crew, and always a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day” he said. When it comes to pursuing career goals, Dan says that nothing in life worth doing is easy, otherwise everyone would be successful.

“You need to be the main driver in your life and cannot wait for something to fall into your lap. You need people to help you along the way, but they are more willing to help if they see you pushing yourself” he said.

Dan now serves as a coach for the Division I rowing team he was once part of at his Alma Mater, Northeastern University. He desires to stay in the coaching field and to one day become a head coach. He is very grateful for the time he spent working at Gentle Giant in Boston.

“I would never hesitate recommending GG to someone if I believed they had the ability to follow in the footsteps of Giants. I would not recommend it to everyone. It takes special people who have strength physically, mentally, and emotionally. The customer needs to see all three of those on every job, and not everyone is cut out for that” he said.

Dan currently lives in Watertown, MA with his wife Keri and their dog, Tyrone. He enjoying being outdoors, making ice cream and helping others achieve their goals.