Gentle Giant Truly is a “Green” Moving Company

Gentle Giant Truly is a “Green” Moving Company

In several ways, Gentle Giant is just the Incredible Hulk: incredibly strong and very green!

PRWeb recently wrote a press release about our Green Business Certification from the Sustainable Business Leader Program. Check it out below:

“Moving and Storage Company Gentle Giant, an award winning local and long distance mover based in Massachusetts, has received Sustainable Business Leader Certification from the Sustainable Business Leader Program. The SBLP certified Gentle Giant after the successful completion and implementation of the green business practices within the program’s Six-Step Process. The SBLP officially recognized Gentle Giant as a green moving company at its SBLP Graduation Ceremony on Tuesday, October 25th.

Gentle Giant has previously been recognized for its environmentally friendly practices. The company received a “Bike Friendly Business” award from the mayor of Boston in 2009. Gentle Giant was also recognized by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative for responsible sourcing of materials, as well as receiving the Green Business Award from the Newton-Needham Chamber for Sustainability Initiatives. Combined with this latest certification, these four examples of public recognition reflect broad efforts within the company to reduce its overall environmental impact and consumption of resources.

“We recognized a long time ago that our business and overall industry has an impact on the environment that we share with our neighbors and customers,” said Gentle Giant CEO Larry O’Toole. “The fact that several employees at Gentle Giant initiated many of our efforts to reduce our environmental impact is a great source of pride for me.”

On the company’s website, they list various green initiatives. These focus on reducing waste, reusing materials whenever possible and recycling. They include:

  • Offering complimentary retrieval of used moving boxes and packing supplies
  • Reselling used Gentle Giant Moving boxes at discounted prices
  • Collecting all non-reusable moving boxes and recycling between 60,000 – 80,000 pounds of materials each year
  • Providing moving boxes that are manufactured from 90% post-consumer recycled materials and sourcing the production of moving boxes and packing materials from companies that participate in Sustainable Forestry Initiative programs
  • Use of only biodegradable foam peanuts, bubble wrap that is made from 35% post-consumer recycled materials and FSC-certified products for external marketing materials
  • Setting up branch locations near public transportation to reduce dependence on automobiles by employees

In line with this recent certification, Gentle Giant offers a Green Bike Moves Program. This will allow customers to complete local moves without the use of diesel moving trucks. This industry changing innovation is available now from Gentle Giant.”