How Much Does it Cost to Hire Movers in NYC?

How Much Does it Cost to Hire Movers in NYC?

Are you planning a local or long-distance NYC move? If the answer is yes, then you probably have lots of questions you need answered. From how to pack your valuables and safely disassemble your furniture, to how much your NYC relocation will cost, planning a move can be overwhelming. That is why we recommend hiring a reliable moving company to do the hard work for you. Read our guide below to discover how much it costs to hire movers in NYC.

How Much do NYC Movers Cost?

The first step in figuring out the cost of your NYC move is to understand the type of move you plan to make. Is it local or long-distance? If you’re traveling more than 60-100 miles from your current location to your new location, it’s considered long-distance. Once you have established the distance of your move, there are additional factors like packing, timing, and special circumstances to take into account.

Cost of Local NYC Movers

Most NYC moving companies will charge an hourly rate for labor on local moves. Be prepared to pay anywhere between $25-60 per mover per hour. It is important to note that this fee could fall over the $60 rate depending on the number of belongings in your apartment, specialty items, and special circumstances. More than half of New Yorkers live in a studio or small one-bedroom apartment, and given the smaller size of these homes it is expected that there will be less furniture to move. Naturally, this will result in a lower cost of labor. However, as the number of items increases so too will the cost of labor on your NYC move.

Cost of Long-Distance NYC Movers

Estimating the cost of a long-distance NYC move is more complicated because pricing is based on complex factors like shipment weight and mileage, along with the costs associated with a local move. Some moving companies will charge a flat rate fee of $1,000 for long-distance moves so expect your relocation to cost upwards of this figure.

Be Aware…

While you may see some moving companies advertising a small-sized local move for a fixed fee of $30 per hour or an overall $280, it is important to understand that these companies are likely not including additional charges like insurance, supplies, fuel, or day-of surcharges.

At Gentle Giant our estimates include all of the fees associated with your move up front so that there are no surprises at the end, unlike many other companies. This means that oftentimes our estimates will be higher so that you will be fully informed. Be sure to ask what additional fees you will be charged at the end of your move when requesting quotes from other moving companies.

Additional NYC Moving Company Charges/Services

Labor is just one factor affecting the cost of your NYC move. There are several additional elements that you must consider when deciding on your NYC moving company. For example, you may wish to outsource all packing and unpacking to your moving crew. Or, perhaps you need a specialty item like a jacuzzi moved. In any case, these added services will increase the cost of your move so take this into account when requesting an estimate.

Packing and Packing Materials

Local NYC movers will typically charge anywhere between $20-$60 per hour per worker for packing services. However, this fee will increase as the number of belongings to be packed increases. For long-distance moves, you will often be quoted a fixed price based on your move size and the nature of your items.


If you require short-term or long-term storage for your belongings many moving companies will have secure facilities for you to avail of. The cost of storing your items with a moving company will depend on the timeframe and number of items.

Extra Fees for Specialty Items

Each additional service your move requires will cost more. This includes services for specialty items like delicate artwork, pianos, heavy furniture, and more. For example, a move which includes the relocation of a piano may require a craning service. This specialized service will add to the cost of your move. Additionally, a moving crew may determine that your artwork should be crated for safe transportation. While this will increase the overall cost of your move, the peace of mind and safe delivery of such valuables is worth it.

Extra Fees for Special Moving Circumstances

There are certain special circumstances that may arise during your NYC move which will add to the cost of your bill. For example, you may incur a long carry fee depending on the distance from the moving truck to your home. A more common charge New Yorkers may face is an elevator fee.

Where movers are forced to go up and down flights of stairs and do not have access to an elevator you should be prepared to pay extra. Depending on how difficult your place is to access, the moving company may add anywhere from $200-$600 to your bill. Again, this ballpark estimate will decrease or increase depending on your specific circumstances.


Most moving companies automatically provide basic limited liability insurance for your items which is valued at $0.60 per pound. While this type of insurance is free of charge it means that in the event of damage to your belongings, they are not fully insured. For those seeking better protection for their valuables, many moving companies will also offer alternative insurance options at a cost.


Moving is a strenuous and physically demanding job. In situations where you are happy with your moving crew you may wish to show your appreciation with a tip. Similar to tipping your waiter or taxi driver, it is customary to tip your moving team 15-20% of your final bill when you are satisfied with the service provided. You can access a full guide on how much to tip your NYC movers here.

Are you planning a local or long-distance NYC move? Speak with a reputable New York City moving company like Gentle Giant. We have some great resources to get you started on your NYC move. Check out our moving checklist for information on how to prepare and use our free move estimate tool to determine the cost of your relocation.