How Much is a Storage Unit Near Me?

How Much is a Storage Unit Near Me?

Are you planning an upcoming move? Maybe you’re spring cleaning and need to store your valuables. Whatever the case may be, finding a reasonably priced storage facility is likely on your to do list. Below, the storage experts at Gentle Giant breakdown the average cost of a storage unit.

What is the Average Cost of a Storage Unit?

Average storage unit costs are about $180 per month. Typically, prices vary from as low as $50/month up to $300+/month. The cost will vary depending on factors like size, availability, and storage duration.

Average Storage Unit Cost Based On Size (In Feet)

  • Average monthly cost of a small unit (5×5-5×10 ft.) = $60
  • Average monthly cost of a medium-sized unit (5×15-10×15 ft.) = $140
  • Average monthly cost of a larger unit (10×20-10×30 ft.) = $260

Do you pay monthly by storage?

Although some storage facilities require a three-month minimum, most offer storage on a monthly basis. The payment plan for a month-to-month storage unit follows…you guessed it, a monthly billing cycle.

In some instances, you may be charged a ‘storage-out’ fee on top of the monthly fee if you wish to access items before the end of the month. This extra fee will also apply when additional items are added to the storage unit.

What Time of the Year is the Cheapest to Rent Storage?

The cheapest time of the year to rent storage is winter time. That is because the cost of storage varies based on demand, which is generally lower at this time of year. Given the cold temperatures and icy conditions of winter, most choose to move and store their belongings in the spring or summer time.

Spring is typically the busiest, and thus the most expensive time to rent a storage unit. Peak moving season starts in Spring (with May being National Moving Month in the US), which means higher demand for storage facilities. It’s also spring cleaning season, so if you do require storage throughout the months of March, April, and May, we recommend booking as far in advance as possible!

Do you require short or long-term storage services? Speak with a reputable moving and storage services company like Gentle Giant today! Our storage facilities are equipped with 24-hour state-of-the-art security systems and our e-inventory service enables you to access your items from the comfort of your home.