How to Combine Your Belongings When Moving in Together After a Long-Distance Relationship

How to Combine Your Belongings When Moving in Together After a Long-Distance Relationship

The opportunity to move in with your partner after having a long-distance relationship is an exciting time. It can also be stressful when thinking about the most efficient way to combine all of your belongings.

Here are a few considerations to make as you’re packing and preparing for your move:

1.) Create a shared inventory checklist

To stay organized and avoid a surplus of duplicate items, create a shared checklist to determine your inventory. Use a Google Doc or spreadsheet as an easy way to make changes digitally and in real-time. Everything will save automatically, and you can both view and edit the checklist on-the-go. During a long-distance relationship, you may have purchased items for your old home that your partner doesn’t know about, because they haven’t been there to see it.

Once you’ve created your inventory checklist, you can determine what to do next with your additional items. For example, if you both have a vacuum, consider selling the older vacuum of the two on Facebook Marketplace or another comparable website. Not only will this reduce your overall inventory and make the move go by faster, but you’ll earn a bit of extra cash. Repeat this process for any other items where you have duplicates. Pay close attention to the size, condition, and quality of each duplicate item when deciding which one to keep, and which one to donate or sell.

2.) Figure out what your décor style will be

You and your partner might be used to opposing décor styles in your old apartments while dating long-distance, so it’s worth considering how you might choose to adjust the design in your new home. This discussion can be had while you are creating your inventory checklist, as some items might be worth selling or donating if they don’t match the new vision for the shared space. Determine what will stay and what will go so you can act accordingly and avoid being overwhelmed by items you may not want.

3.) Respect your partner’s belongings and always ask permission before tossing

Open and honest communication is key in any relationship, especially in long-distance relationships, and this will often be put to the test during stressful situations like moving. An important point to remember is how it’s essential to treat your partner’s belongings with respect, in the same way you would respect them as a person. Moving in together after a long-distance relationship means you’ll be making a lot of decisions regarding how to combine your belongings, so avoid stirring conflict.

Do not throw away any of your partner’s items without asking them for permission first, and don’t insult their taste when sorting through their items. Using “I” statements when discussing how you feel about an item is a respectful way to express your opinion without making them feel insecure. Setting these ground rules early in the process will make the entire move much more enjoyable and prevent conflict.

Once you’ve finalized your inventory, agreed on a décor style, and removed any excess items through selling or donating, you’ll have a firm foundation for your move. To make the transition easier, consider hiring a professional local and long-distance moving company such as Gentle Giant to take care of the heavy lifting so you can enjoy the journey of being reunited with your partner!