5 Ways to Get Acclimated to a New City

5 Ways to Get Acclimated to a New City

The final box has been unpacked, you’ve finally figured out the quickest way to get to the local grocery store, and your neighbors are becoming new friends. Congratulations on a smooth move! Once you’ve found your groove and started to settle in, you might be eager to get involved and explore your new neighborhood.

Here are five suggestions we have for getting acclimated and having fun in your new city and community.

1. Join sports leagues or a local gym

Staying healthy and active is way more fun when you have friends to keep you entertained and accountable. Local sports leagues offer a stress-free way to meet new people, explore landmarks in your new city and stay in shape all at the same time. Many cities and towns offer sports leagues of all sorts so you can find an activity you truly enjoy; there’s a sport out there for everyone!

Especially in the winter months or if you’re not looking for a firm commitment to a team, joining a local gym might be a better option for your lifestyle. You will be able to work out at your own pace, but you will have the chance to meet new friends in the locker room, in group fitness classes or at the reception desk. Stay respectful and lighthearted, and soon you might have a new workout buddy!

2. Make friends with your local barista

So many of us enjoy a morning cup of coffee to stay energized throughout the day or during the midday slump. You might be used to making your own coffee at home, but feel free to treat yourself to a few coffees from the closest shop to your new home after your move. By introducing yourself to your local barista, you’ll be meeting and befriending someone who surely is the reason behind a lot of smiles in your neighborhood!

In addition to your local Starbucks barista or other chain coffee shop barista, take time to explore the independent hidden gem coffee shops you will be sure to have in your new neighborhood.

3. Get a library card

Keep yourself entertained on the cheap by getting a library card at your new local library. You’ll be able to explore and borrow from a brand-new selection of books, movies and music, plus many libraries host community events as well. Check their bulletin board or events calendar during your next trip to add some happiness to your mind and your social life.

4. Volunteer

There’s no better way to bond with people than through the shared joy of helping those in need. Your new neighborhood will likely have many ways you can use your skills and interests to bring assistance, from a soup kitchen to an animal shelter to everything else in between. Check your local community center, library or neighborhood Facebook group for updates and information.

5. Go with the flow and stay positive

At the end of the day, give yourself grace, patience and time to adjust to your new environment. You won’t meet a brand-new group of friends or learn all your neighborhood hot spots overnight, but by staying alert, attentive and engaged in your new community, you’ll soon be an essential part of the community! Say yes to every opportunity you can, have fun and enjoy!

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