How to Pack for a Long-Distance Move

How to Pack for a Long-Distance Move

The task of packing for a long-distance move can feel overwhelming and daunting, but when done correctly, the process can be manageable and rewarding.

Here are five packing tips to make sure your items are properly cared for when preparing for a long-distance move:

1.) Take an inventory of your home and declutter any unnecessary items

Before you even pack the first box, perform a diligent cleaning of your home. Throw away any trash and donate clothes and furniture you no longer need. The smaller your inventory, the faster the move will take, the less materials you will need to buy, and the more money you can save by downsizing.

A few diligent hours spent on decluttering will make sure you’re only taking the essentials with you to your next location. Moving is a life-changing and emotional experience, so start this process early to give yourself plenty of time.

2.) Choose the right packing materials for your items

It can be tempting to use complimentary boxes from a local store to pack your items, but more often than not, these boxes will not be sturdy enough for a long-distance move and are often not the right size for your moving needs. When your boxes are damaged or made with cheap material, your items will be at a greater risk for damage in-transit.

To prevent anxiety over your packing materials, check out our Top Box department. We offer a plethora of reputable packing supplies, including boxes, packing paper, tape, and more at various price points. Investing in quality materials at the start of your long-distance move means paying less money down the line if any of your items were to become damaged from unreliable boxes.

3.) Create a moving plan to prevent burnout

Once you have all the materials you’ll need to pack for your long-distance move, decide where in the home you’d like to begin. We suggest starting in the most time-consuming areas, such as your kitchen. Be sure to set aside enough utensils, plates, and cups to get you through until moving day. The same logic applies for other areas of your home, such as the bathroom. You’ll want to make sure you have enough toiletries and clothes to stay clean and comfortable until it’s time to leave.

A major time-saving tool recommended by many moving companies is to label all your boxes. You can include your last name, which room in the home the box needs to go, and a condensed inventory list with one to three items inside on the box. You’ll know which items are located where which can save you time while unpacking. For those who want to make a digital inventory list, you can assign a number to certain boxes to know exactly which items are inside of each one. This will allow you to access the items you need with ease.

4.) Learn how to pack your basic household essentials correctly

As a moving company with over 40 years of experience in the industry, we have mastered the art of packing so your items arrive to your destination safely. For anyone looking to pack their belongings independently, we invite you to watch our free Pack Like The Pros video series. Each video offers advice on how to properly pack your items to avoid damage and minimize impact in-transit. From dishes to small appliances, there are guidelines available for each room of your home.

5.) Ensure your specialty items receive the care they need

While you’re getting ready for your long-distance move, you’ll notice your smaller belongings are much easier to pack and organize. Items such as clothes, books, kitchen supplies and various décor items are easy to pack into storage containers or moving boxes.

It’s completely normal to feel overwhelmed and confused on how to properly prepare your larger items and appliances, like your stove or washer and dryer. To make it easier, check out our tips and tricks for preparing large appliances for a move to increase your confidence in handling these fragile items. We also have tips for moving artwork to avoid damage to your precious treasures, which can be impossible to replace.

Is your moving day tomorrow and you’re still not packed? There is no need to worry! Contact your move coordinator as soon as possible about arranging packing services. We will make every effort to accommodate you, even last minute. We look forward to assisting you with packing for your long-distance move and taking some stress off your plate!