How to Ship Your Vehicle When Moving Cross-Country

How to Ship Your Vehicle When Moving Cross-Country

When preparing your home for your upcoming long distance move, you might be concerned about how you will be able to get your vehicle safely to your destination if moving across the country. Especially from coast to coast, you may not be willing or able to drive the distance needed to have your car safely with you at your new home.

At Gentle Giant, we do not haul vehicles outside of motorcycles, as vehicles tend to take up a lot of space in an enclosed trailer, which is usually at maximum capacity with household goods. Although we do not offer vehicle shipping services, we want you to feel empowered when making the decision to move your vehicle.

We asked one of sales leaders, David, for insight into the following topics.

Which vehicle shipping provider has the best reputation?

“The vehicle shipping field is quite crowded, but not very good. In other words, there are quite a few unreliable operators out there. Thus, consumers should be prepared to do a fair amount of research, including the reviews of actual customers. Consumers should also be very suspicious of very low quotes in this industry.”

Where can I gather additional information about companies near me?

“The best resources for consumer research are the Better Business Bureau and various review websites, such as Yelp and Angie’s List. I advise customers to start with their home-state BBB and ask for vehicle shippers in the area with A+ ratings. I sell this as a good way to start the research process with a shorter, more manageable list to then drill down on.”

Who will move my vehicle?

“While many moving companies continue to tell their customers that they’ll haul the vehicle themselves, it doesn’t usually happen in practice. What happens instead is the moving company subcontracts-out the vehicle to whichever vehicle shipper they happen to have a relationship with. Obviously, the customer has then lost control of choosing who ships their vehicle.”

How will I know my car will be protected from the elements in transit?

“The average customer probably doesn’t understand the difference between shipping a vehicle on an open-to-the-elements car carrier, and shipping one in an enclosed trailer. The enclosed trailer option is considered “premium” or “white glove” and is a lot more expensive. The lesson is, if you really like your car and don’t mind paying for the premium option, be sure to ask for an enclosed trailer quote. Standard procedure is car carrier.”

For an item of high value such as your vehicle, we highly recommend doing the best research possible to ensure you find an efficient, reputable company. Feel free to call us at 800-442-6863 or visit our website to get in touch with one of our move consultants if you need any additional tips or recommendations or help scheduling a long distance move.