3 Important Factors That Influence Your Move

3 Important Factors That Influence Your Move

At Gentle Giant, every day starts with experienced, confident movers climbing into their trucks, ready to face the day. Despite how prepared our movers are, there are always some variables that may influence the overall success of the day.

1. Weather
Heat waves and heavy precipitation are challenges faced at one time or another at all of Gentle Giant’s warehouses across the country. Even though the weather can be unpredictable, you can always count on Gentle Giant to finish your move as quickly and as safely as possible.

2. New Inventory 
Gentle Giant’s sales representatives ask thorough, relevant questions to make sure the crew has everything they need before leaving the warehouse. Still, there may be some surprises when the crew arrives to the job. This might be a chandelier that wasn’t included in the inventory, a basement that needs a full pack or a driveway too small for a truck. Whatever it is, Gentle Giant has enough experience to handle any hiccup along the way.

3. Personality
Moving is an incredibly stressful time in life. A big part of Gentle Giant’s success is being able to alleviate anxiety by being efficient, courteous and professional. Our approach is to treat our customers with the utmost respect, while still sharing a few laughs. This has made a tremendous influence on how we maintain customers for life.

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