5 Tips for a Flawless Interstate Move

5 Tips for a Flawless Interstate Move

Editor’s Note: The following is a guest post by Sam Radbil from Abodo regarding five topics to consider when planning for an interstate move.  

Whether you’re moving from a small Denver apartment or a new condo in one of the fanciest neighborhoods in New York, your interstate move will surely feel like a daunting project.

There’s a good chance you’re moving because of an exciting life change, but the initial excitement might wear off once you realize the volume of your belongings. You might have 30 years of accumulated possessions and junk, or maybe only a few years’ worth; either way, someone is going to have to box up your stuff and deliver it to your new location.

To get the process started, here are a few ways to make interstate moving easier:

Hire Professional Movers to Assist with Packing

There are many companies, including Gentle Giant, available to visit your home and securely pack your items to minimize damage during travel. These types of moving services are useful to everyone, but especially for those who struggle with organization, as the movers will carefully box, protect, and label everything. When you get to your new home and your boxes arrive, you can get an unpacking service to help you set up your new place.

Consider a Storage Cube

In this scenario, a company will drop off an empty storage container at your home. You will pack it, and then they will drop it off anywhere you want. Most of these companies can also store your cube and deliver it at a later date if your new residence isn’t quite ready. Remember to follow all packing instructions so your items don’t shift during the move!

Do It Yourself

If you’re strong, fit, enjoy a serious workout and like to drive, consider renting a truck and doing a self-move. You’ll never worry about where your stuff is, and it will obviously be where it need to be when you get there. You will have a lot more respect for truckers as you realize driving a large vehicle is quite an experience.

Let Gentle Giant Handle the Move

Our movers are award-winning for a reason – let us do the heavy lifting. Choosing this option means our movers will visit your home in a Gentle Giant truck, load it carefully and drive it to your new location. When they arrive at your new location, they will unload the truck and place your items where you want them to go.


One final note to consider is the price of your interstate move compared to the cost of a local residential move. The cost of your interstate move will vary depending on the day and time you move, as well as your inventory and the amount of services you have decided to use. To make the most of your time and budget, try and book a move on a weekday or during the middle of the month, when demand is lower and prices are more flexible.

Whether moving around the corner or moving long distance, it’s always a good idea to get a little assistance from the pros. At Gentle Giant, we offer an array of services to help make your interstate move as seamless as possible. Contact us for an estimate today!

Sam Radbil is the lead writer for ABODO Apartments, an online real estate and apartments marketplace. Their research and writing has been featured nationally in Curbed, Forbes, Realtor.com, HousingWire and more.