Is it a Good Idea to Move to Phoenix?

Is it a Good Idea to Move to Phoenix?

Are you considering taking the leap and moving in 2024? Well, we’re here to help you get started. While 2024 may seem a long way off, it’s worth remembering that pumpkin-spiced latte season is already upon us (it’s about time!). Plus, it’s never too early to start planning, especially if you need movers for your relocation. You can check out our blog on when to book movers here.

If you are unsure where to move to, we’ve got good news for you. Three of our Phoenix-based movers share the pros and cons of living in the Valley of the Sun. Hear honest feedback from Matt, Brandon, and Michael on why they moved to Phoenix and whether they think you should, too!

Matt Packebusch – Phoenix Regional Manager

Matt is a long-time Giant. He started his career at Gentle Giant’s Washington, DC office in 2005. Despite calling DC home for over a decade, Matt was ready for a change, and in the summer of 2022, he relocated to Phoenix. “I was given the opportunity to open Gentle Giant’s 11th nationwide location, this time in Phoenix, AZ, and I jumped at the chance. I loved my time in DC, but I was starting to resent the harsh winters, and the cost of living kept rising at an eye-watering pace. Now that I’m here (Phoenix), I haven’t looked back.”

Phoenix Pros: A great mix of nature and city life, affordable cost of living (compared to other major cities like DC), friendly people, and quality hikes.

Phoenix Cons: Summer heat.

Brandon George – Phoenix Crew Chief

Brandon has been with Gentle Giant since 2022 after joining our Seattle location that August. Despite enjoying Seattle’s quality coffee scene and hiking trails, Brandon jumped at the opportunity to relocate to Gentle Giant’s Phoenix office.

“I moved to Phoenix to accept a more involved role with the company. There was a place for me in Phoenix to help Matt Packebusch grow the office. I was very excited to move to Phoenix, and now that I’m here, I love it!”

Phoenix Pros: Incredible natural beauty, amazing hikes, beautiful sunrises/sunsets, friendly people, tons of things to do, clean streets, no real traffic.

Phoenix Cons: “Shocker—it’s hot, but this is something you can very easily manage.”

Michael Palmieri – Phoenix Crew Chief

Michael joined Gentle Giant Massachusetts in 2021 before moving to Phoenix at the end of summer 2023.

“I moved to Phoenix to pursue my graduate degree in engineering at Arizona State University. The biggest pro for me has been the weather and the subsequent improvement in my lifestyle. I grew up in the North East and was used to the cold and dark winters that came along with that. It was easy to get unmotivated over those months. Being able to get out and get sun on my skin every day has been awesome. It’s also a more affordable city, especially when compared to the likes of Boston or New York. I have the ability to do a lot more with a lot less now.”

“Although there were several days this summer when it was too hot to go outside, I would gladly take that over having to shovel inches of snow. You just have to be careful in the summer.”

Phoenix Pros: Year-round sun, sunrise runs, exciting downtown, authentic southern food, relaxed pace of life, outdoor activities, and affordable rent.

Phoenix Cons: Extreme summer heat and limited public transit. “Having a license and a car is more or less a must. Phoenix is not a very walkable city, and public transit is limited.”

Are you considering a local or long-distance Phoenix move? We have some great resources to get you started! Check out our moving checklist for information on how to prepare for your move, and use our free move estimate tool. Learn more about our Phoenix movers here.