5 Ways to Find Local Events in Your New Neighborhood After a Move

5 Ways to Find Local Events in Your New Neighborhood After a Move

The final box has been unpacked, you’ve finally figured out the quickest way to get to the local grocery store, and your neighbors are becoming new friends. Congratulations on a smooth move! Once you’ve found your groove and started to settle in, you might be eager to get involved and explore your new neighborhood.

When it comes to navigating a new city, it takes some research and a lot of trial and error to find the best spots and events. In your former city, you may have had community websites or a group of savvy friends to turn to, but where should you look for activities in an unfamiliar place?

Here are a few websites and apps to get you started when it comes to finding fun activities in your new neighborhood.

1. Eventbrite

Looking for local events where you can register with ease and search for activities based on your interests? Look no further than Eventbrite, where you can find events close to your zip code from a variety of categories. They offer information related family-friendly events, fitness classes and networking nights, and so much more. The website and app can save your tickets easily, all in one place, and many events are free or low-cost.

2. Facebook

You’re already using Facebook to connect with friends and stay up-to-date with current events; why not use the platform to find exciting events? Once Facebook begins to understand your interests and event history, they will often recommend upcoming local events and activities that tend to line up with what you’re looking for. You can also search by specific days and categories for a more personalized experience.

3. Nextdoor

Featured on CNN and in The New York Times, Nextdoor is a website designed by neighbors, for neighbors to help you navigate your city. While the platform is a great resource for finding local events and activities, it serves a dual purpose by alerting you of danger in your community as well, such as car break-ins. For events, simply find your state and city, and the website will redirect you to a page filled with upcoming events. Many of the events are hosted by members of the Nextdoor community, so it’s an easy way to make new friends as well.

4. Like a Local

This app-based platform allows you to live “like a local” in whichever city you find yourself in. Many tourist attractions can be crowded or overrated, so Like a Local can take the guesswork out of what’s worth seeing and doing in your new community. The app allows you to search by category, and each suggested location offers feedback about why it’s worth visiting and why locals love it.

5. Time Out

An excellent resource for those living in major cities in the U.S. and worldwide, Time Out offers suggestions for art and entertainment, food and drink, film, travel and so much more. Each city featured on Time Out features current news and local openings, as well as evergreen articles curated by topic, such as “best pizza in Boston” or “the top 10 best Mexican restaurants in Chicago” so you know you’re getting the best suggestions in a variety of categories. In addition to suggestions for food and leads on upcoming events, Time Out also offers neighborhood guides in cities as well, since the South End of a city has its own flair and gems compared to the North End.

We wish you the best as you learn and navigate your new neighborhood!  See if Gentle Giant has a location near you and get your move started today!