How to Manage Your Long Distance Move

How to Manage Your Long Distance Move

Long distance moving is much more complicated than moving across town. Here’s what you need to know before your journey.

1. Book your move at least six weeks in advance.
This will give you plenty of time to secure a reservation with us so that you can focus on packing, learning more about your new city and figure out the dates you’ll need to travel to your new location. Preparations for a long distance move takes longer than for a local move, so it’s important to make sure you have everything in order.

2. Confirm transit and delivery time.
You don’t want to show up at your new home before your bed does! Make sure this is secure before booking your plane tickets or renting a car.

3. Make provisions for specialty items or antiques.
Don’t compromise your most valuable items. Decide if these items will need to be assembled by a third party and make the appropriate arrangements.

4. Know what you can and can’t take.
Most long distance movers won’t transport items like plants, hazardous materials, weapons and unsealed food. Make sure you figure out what your moving company’s standards are so that you don’t run into an unexpected surprises on moving day.

5. Make provisions for your car.
If you’re not driving it to your new destination, you will need to make sure your vehicle is safely relocated to your new home. Although Gentle Giant does not offer vehicle relocation services, give us a call and we will recommend other companies that can assist you.

6. Host a house-cooling party.
This will allow you to say goodbye to the friends you’ve made in your old town and will help you get rid of items you can’t take, like food and wine.

7. Get out of the house on moving day!
This is especially true if you’re moving an elderly parent from a long-time home. The process can be painful to watch, so make sure you do whatever is best to take care of your emotional health.

8. Confirm contact information with your Moving Coordinator
Make sure your MC has up-to-date contact information, as they can keep you closely updated on the move’s progress and ease any anxiety you have about the process.

Bon voyage!