3 Questions To Ask Your Moving Company

3 Questions To Ask Your Moving Company

When you are preparing for your next move, there are some serious questions you should be asking the moving companies you are researching. A lot of folks will book their mover based on price alone, and that is a mistake only made once.

Here are three essential questions you should ask your potential moving company:

1. May I contact some of the customers you moved in the past few months?
By talking to actual customers, you will gain insight into important aspects of the move. You can find out more about charges related to drive time, insurance and gratuity. Believe it or not, some moving companies will intimidate customers into tipping. This, of course, is unheard of at Gentle Giant.

2. How do you handle claims if something is broken?
Even the best movers occasionally break items. What separates a great moving company from an average one is how claims are handled after the move is completed.

3.) What kind of hiring/screening process does your company have?
Keep in mind that when you open your doors to mover, you are trusting strangers around your family and belongings. A reputable company will be proud to talk about the great people they hire, and this will make you feel better, too.

Once you’ve gotten the answers to these essential questions, you’re ready to move forward and start the process of booking your local or long distance move. We would be honored to serve you – just give us a call to speak a move consultant about estimates and availability.