Moving to Fort Lauderdale vs. Miami

Moving to Fort Lauderdale vs. Miami

For those considering a move to the Sunshine State, the cities of Fort Lauderdale and Miami are two well-known options in South Florida. Depending on your lifestyle, age, and the purpose of your move, the ideal location between the two will be different for everyone.

Here are a few notable factors between Fort Lauderdale and Miami:

The traffic in Fort Lauderdale is less compared to Miami

While driving in South Florida, you will likely find the traffic in Fort Lauderdale to be much more bearable than the traffic in Miami. This is important to know if you plan on driving regularly so you can prepare accordingly for your commitments. Both cities offer public transportation options such as buses, ride share services, trains, and trollies. Miami is a more suitable option if you prefer to go carless, as it’s a much more walkable city compared to Fort Lauderdale.

Nightlife in Miami is more abundant than in Fort Lauderdale

Once the coronavirus pandemic ends and you’re ready to go out to the bars with your friends, you’ll find Miami has more to offer, such as festivals and parties. Fort Lauderdale is known for being a calmer, more laid-back choice. For those looking to be right in the center of adventure and action, Miami is ideal – the city is never boring!

The cuisine in Fort Lauderdale and Miami differs based on culture and resources

The large Latin and Cuban population in Miami means plenty of accessible Cuban specialties available at street corners, gas stations, and cafés. Miami has its own “Little Havana” where you can find a plethora of authentic Cuban dishes. In Fort Lauderdale, seafood reigns, due to the city’s boating and fishing culture. There is no shortage of dockside favorites serving up the fresh catch of the day.

Miami’s art scene is more prominent, but Fort Lauderdale is catching up

Many South Florida natives notice Fort Lauderdale is doing its best to compete with Miami in terms of cultural experiences, art, and diversity. Between the two cities, Miami was the leader when it came to showcasing murals designed by local artists and neighborhoods dedicated to the celebration of art. Fort Lauderdale is definitely doing its part to step up to the plate, with three art warehouses in the city’s FATVillage and monthly art walks.

Whether you chose to relocate to Fort Lauderdale or Miami, you can look forward to enjoying wonderful beaches, friendly people, and plenty of local attractions to explore. Our full-service South Florida moving company is ready to assist you once you’re ready to take the next step in starting your journey.