How to Use Outdoor Signs for the Most Profitable Moving Sale

How to Use Outdoor Signs for the Most Profitable Moving Sale

Editor’s Note: The following is a guest post contributed by Beth Lausin on behalf of SignMission about how to have a successful moving sale and how to incorporate yard signs in the process.

A moving sale provides the perfect opportunity to get rid of items you’ve been collecting over the years. Instead of taking these items with you, host a moving sale. Clearing out the clutter means you can generate some cash while lightening the load on moving day.

Of course, the challenge is actually selling these unwanted items. To make life easy, here’s a step-by-step process to help you successfully host a moving sale.

Step 1: Get your moving sale items together
This generally requires advanced planning, as you don’t want to suddenly be rushing around on sale day trying to find items and have them ready to sell. As soon as you know you are moving, keep your eyes peeled for anything you want to get rid of. If you prepare in advance, you’ll have a pile of items to sell and less to worry about.

Step 2: Make sure every item is sale-worthy
Yes, that means cleaning or repairing each item to a respectable condition. Nobody wants to buy something that looks like it’s just been pulled out of the trash. If you want your moving sale to be a success, make sure your items are clean and nicely presented. It can make a huge difference on the day. As a rule of thumb, wash any clothes you want to get rid of and make sure anything electrical works, such as DVDs and cameras.

Step 3: Identify your most valuable items
Not every item is worthy of a simple garage sale – some are more valuable and could generate a lot of money, such as jewelry or furniture. You should keep these valuable items to one side; they can be used for a special bidding process with your customers, or you could list them on a selling website like Ebay.

Step 4: Know the laws around local moving sales
Make sure moving sales are legal in your area, which will depend on the region of the country you live. You may need a special permit. Organizing in advance will prevent any issues.

Step 5: Set your prices
Your prices need to be reasonable and realistic. People who come to moving sales are generally looking for bargains, so if you put your prices too high, you’ll turn possible customers away. Try to price your items by the dollar, making it easy for people to make a purchase, and display your prices clearly. Consider offering bulk-buy discounts, and don’t be afraid to negotiate with customers.

Step 6: Manage your money correctly
You don’t want to spend ages selling your items to lose money or get your math wrong. If you decide to go cash in hand, make sure you have a secure place to store it: a cash drawer, a secure money bag on your person or with a trusted friend – ensure your money is safe always. It’s probably wise to keep some money on you at all times to give people change. Alternatively, if you have a credit card device such as Square, you can take contactless payments easily and quickly.

Step 7: Attract customers
You’ve got your stock, you’ve set your prices, and you’ve got your money management on point. Now, you need to get some footfall and generate some sales. A great way to raise awareness of your moving sale is to use a moving sale banner. If you put these banners in the right place – for example, strategically placed around your neighborhood – you should generate the interest you need. Make sure the sign is readable! Amplify your message by posting about your moving sale on social media.

After your moving sale, make sure you are fully prepared to move your remaining items with this handy moving checklist.

We wish you the best of luck in your new home!

Special thanks to Beth Lausin for contributing this piece to our blog. Check out SignMission’s moving sale banners for more visibility next time you need to downsize before relocating.