10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Moving Company

10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Moving Company

Since moving is a long, stressful process, you need to make sure you are asking all the right questions and that you’re working with a reliable, reputable company. At Gentle Giant, we serve to be leaders in the industry through our commitment to health and community service.

How can you tell which moving company will be worth your time and effort? Make sure you ask these ten essential questions before booking – and consider giving us a call!

1. How do you select your employees?

Gentle Giant has an extensive interview process, complete with thought-provoking questions, a full background check and a physical endurance test to make sure the candidate will make a successful Giant.

2. Do you provide benefits for the movers?

We provide our employees with health and dental insurance, 401k, short and long-term disability. We also offer additional health and wellness benefits, including compensated gym membership and a Gentle Giant Wellness Week.

3. How many moves do you complete a year?

Nationally, Gentle Giant completes over 13,000 moves every year. This number has continued to rise as we expand across the country, strengthen relationships with realtors and grow our interstate regions.

4. If there is a problem during the move, who will be handling it? 

Gentle Giant has a highly trained Quality Control department that professionally and diligently handles every type of claim. In most cases, claims can be handled on the phone, but they can also be handled in-person by a Quality Control field representative.

5. What type of estimates do you offer?

We offer hourly estimates and “not to exceed” estimates for local moves. Binding estimates are offered for interstate moves.

6. Do you take credit cards?

Gentle Giant accepts credit cards, cash and checks.

7. Is your company a member of the American Moving and Storage Association or The Better Business Bureau?

Not only is Gentle Giant part of the AMSA, but we received recognition from them as the Independent Mover of the Year in 2009. In all of Gentle Giant’s regions, we are members of the Better Business Bureau and the Chamber of Commerce.

8. Does your company offer secure, climate-controlled storage?

We offer our customers secure, fully-insured storage. You will have a detailed inventory list on file for easy access to specific items in storage. Climate-controlled storage is available in most regions.

9. Do you offer insurance for moving?

At Gentle Giant, we offer full replacement value insurance, actual value replacement insurance and basic liability insurance. Insurance options are carefully explained to each customer during the booking process, and can be changed on the day of the move with the Crew Chief.

10. What makes you different from all the other movers?

Our company has been a leader in the moving industry through our intense focus on customer service, the athletic strength of our crews and our 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee.