5 Tips for Moving in the Rain

5 Tips for Moving in the Rain

We know the upcoming April showers bring May flowers, but we would be more than happy to do without rain on moving day! Since the weather can be a bit unpredictable, especially in New England, it helps to feel prepared in case you find your moving day falls on the same day as some rain.

Here are five tips to making moving in the rain easier for you and your family:

1. Have plenty of garbage bags on hand
Whether you’re transporting clothes, books or other household items, shielding your items with garage bags is an easy way to add another layer of protection. Simply wrap the items in the bag and transport as you normally would, reusing the garbage bags if needed. You can also make a hole in the top of garbage bags if you’d like to put a bag over a stack of clothes on hangers.

2. Keep towels close by for a quick dry-off of larger items
Once you load furniture or boxes onto the truck, use a towel to wipe off any excess moisture to prevent leaks and preserve your items. These will also be helpful if someone in your group finds themselves soaked after placing items in the truck.

3. Work together as a group to make an assembly line
To speed up the process, assign everyone in the group a different role. Some people can remain inside of your home, others between the home and the truck, and some placing items directly onto the truck. This will prevent one or two people running back and forth the entire distance and reduce clean-up time later.

4. Preserve your floors and prevent slips with makeshift mats
At the entrance of your home and other at-risk spots, place old rugs, towels or sturdy cardboard on the ground for extra support when walking from room to room. You will want to make sure all your helpers stay safe, not only for their own safety, but for the well-being of all the valuable items they will be holding.

5. Be intentional about which items you move onto the truck first
If possible, try and move plastic storage bins and other less valuable items onto the truck first, as the rain might slow down or stop completely by the time you need to move your fragile items onto the truck. When it comes to your electronics, either wait until the rain completely stops to transport your items, or make sure they are well-covered in blankets and mats while transporting them.

We wish you the best of luck during your move, despite what the weather may bring! See more advice for moving and packing here.