Why Our Giants Run While Moving Boxes

Why Our Giants Run While Moving Boxes

Gentle Giant Moving Company has become a trend-setter for what makes a top notch, professional moving company. One element that sets us apart is the fact that our Giants run while carrying moving boxes.

Aside from our crews having tremendous experience handling all types of moves, they are athletes and possess a level of character that has propelled us to the top of the industry. Athleticism provides our Giants with both the physical strength to pick up heavy items on the job and the cardiovascular strength to run boxes.

Cardiovascular, you say? That’s right. If you have never seen the Gentle Giants in action, there is quite a bit of running involved in the moves we conduct.

The first part of any move involves clearing the boxes out of the house and packing them tightly on to the truck. When moving items from a house, there could easily be well over a hundred boxes. The process goes by much more quickly and seamlessly when movers run the boxes out of the house.

The Giants have a running assembly line, which involves one Giant picking up a box and running it out of the house towards the truck. Then, when he or she runs into another Giant, the box is passed off, and continues its run to the truck.

Running boxes this way is the fastest, most efficient way to begin clearing out a house, and our athletic Giants wouldn’t have it any other way.