Gentle Giant's response to the Coronavirus

Safety and Service Keeps Gentle Giant on Top

Robert Farnum, GG Charlotte Regional Manager, maintains the highest level of safety in every aspect of his day. Like all Gentle Giant moving crews, he starts the morning by doing a spot check on his truck. This includes making sure all the lights, breaks and gauges on the moving truck are fit to leave the yard. While in the truck, all crew members are buckled up and know exactly where the first aid kit and fire extinguisher are in case of an emergency.

Safety is such a huge priority for everyone at Gentle Giant. We care about our movers on the trucks as much as we care about our customer’s furniture. For those of you that have used Gentle Giant in the past, you know all about the high level of care we offer our customers.

Gentle Giant also focuses on safety training to ensure our movers are lifting and moving properly, which goes a long way to prevent injury. When you are ready to start researching a moving company, be sure to inquire about safety practices. Having the reassurance that your movers are carefully trained will bring you peace of mind during this stressful time.