Should You Rent a Moving Truck? 5 Points to Consider

Should You Rent a Moving Truck? 5 Points to Consider

Whether you need to make a move due to a changing life circumstance or simply desire a change of pace, getting started with the moving process may feel like an intense physical, emotional and financial burden. In the current economy, you might be wondering whether you should rent a moving truck to transport and move your belongings on your own, without the assistance of a professional moving company.

Although we consistently encourage and promote the benefits and value of investing in a professional moving company, we understand everyone’s situation is different and hiring professional movers may not always be an option.

As industry experts, there are a few items we recommend considering before you decide whether you should rent a moving truck for an independent move.

Consideration #1: Materials to protect your items are essential but often expensive

To protect your items in-transit, reliable movers will use moving pads to properly wrap and secure certain items in your inventory. When you’re performing your move independently, you might forget to purchase moving pads, and many unreputable moving companies won’t bring moving pads at all.

You have the option to rent moving pads from a company such as Gentle Giant, but the cost can add up quickly and it’s often impractical to return them or making them a permanent purchase. You could also rent moving pads directly from the rental moving truck company to make the return process easier, but this can involve an unclear price. Be aware of this prior to inquiring.

Consideration #2: The drive may be grueling

While renting your own moving truck has the potential to save you some money, keep in mind the labor involved with driving a moving truck over a long distance. The skill and finesse required to safely navigate a loaded truck for hours over a long distance move can be exhausting and could easily be avoided when hiring a professional moving company.

Consideration #3: Liability issues will have blurred lines

Even if you’re hiring professional movers to load your truck instead of doing so on your own, they will unlikely be liable for any damage during the offload at your destination. The same is true if you hire movers to unload your vehicle, as they were not responsible for loading the truck and cannot be held responsible.

This means if you do encounter an issue with damage to your items, the “stream” of liability is often broken, and the customer must deal with the consequences, since there is no one to be held responsible. Even though damage is not guaranteed, in the unlikely event something does occur, it is helpful having one company be present during the entire process for accountability purposes.

Consideration #4: The rental moving truck company may overbook

While you should be able to fully trust the rental company you’re reserving your truck from, it is a common occurrence for the companies to make booking mistakes or to overbook, especially during the busy summer moving season. This can be a risky move to make if you have a strict deadline of when you need to be out of your current home and into your new one, or if you are starting a job in a new city and flexibility is limited. There could also be an issue of receiving a smaller truck than what you requested, which may not be able to hold all your items.

Consideration #5: It can be difficult to determine the best truck for your needs

On the surface, it may seem like a simple task to select the appropriate moving truck for your needs, but the average person will underestimate the size of the truck they will need for moving all their items safely. When this occurs, you are stuck with the logistical issue of not having enough room for your belongings, which means some may need to be left behind, or shipped later. The logistical headache this can bring forth is completely preventable and unnecessary when you choose to work with a professional moving company instead.

The final decisions related to your move are ultimately up to you, but we hope the considerations above will allow you to think about why hiring a professional moving company is worth the investment. When you work with a reputable company like Gentle Giant, all five issues above are ours to handle, so you can relax and prepare for life in your new home!

So if you are reconsidering whether you should rent a moving truck and think you’d rather go with the pros, reach out to Gentle Giant Moving Company for a free moving estimate and see more Gentle Giant blog posts for additional moving tips.