The 5 Best Seattle Neighborhoods to Move To

The 5 Best Seattle Neighborhoods to Move To

Once you’ve made the decision to move to Seattle, you are likely wondering which Seattle neighborhood is worth moving to based on your lifestyle, needs, and interests. Each area of the city serves a different purpose depending on what you’re looking for and how you prefer to interact with the city.

Here are five popular neighborhoods in Seattle to move to:

1.) Ballard

A neighborhood located close to downtown, Ballard is ideal for those who enjoy the hip aspects of trendy restaurants and city life, but want the balance of being able to find quiet spots of serenity simultaneously. Since Ballard is a waterfront neighborhood, you can walk along the beach while enjoying views of the mountains in harmony. Its roots as a Scandinavian village means you can visit The Nordic Heritage museum for a history lesson or observe salmon passing through the Ballard Locks. It’s a great neighborhood for those who don’t need to drive far for work each day, as it will take you a while to get onto the highway.

2.) West Seattle

An affordable neighborhood with a close community feel, West Seattle is ideal for those looking to be a bit more removed from the hustle of downtown. West Seattle is diverse and has year-round farmers’ markets and other enjoyable shopping experiences such as flea markets. There is easy access to beaches, such as the historic Alki Beach Park, and West Seattle is often noted as an ideal place for child-rearing due to its range of outdoor activities and parks.

3.) Beacon Hill

For those seeking a Seattle neighborhood with easy access to the light rail public transportation system, Beacon Hill could be the right choice for you. This is ideal for those who commute into the city for work and especially for those who travel frequently via airplane, as you’ll have seamless access to the airport. The pace of this southeast Seattle neighborhood is relaxing and an ideal place for foodies, with authentic cuisine from restaurants serving food from countries as diverse as the neighborhood’s citizens.

4.) Greenwood

A location for those looking to find the “Goldilocks” Seattle neighborhood, Greenwood is an ideal choice. Many people find Greenwood to be a happy medium between noise and seclusion, with semi-reasonably priced apartments and lots of greenery, in case you couldn’t tell by its name. Locals and tourists alike can enjoy family-friendly food options, a surplus of bars, and a community filled with creatives. Quick access to downtown will only take you about 15 minutes on the highway or a short bus journey using the Metro 5 bus or the RapidRide E line.

5.) Capitol Hill

The perfect fit for those truly looking for the experience of city life and enjoy the noise and nightlife that accompanies it, Capitol Hill could be the Seattle neighborhood for you. Ideal for those working downtown and don’t want to worry about a long commute, you’ll enjoy an accepting and lively atmosphere. This neighborhood is considered the LGBTQ+ capitol of Seattle and offers plenty of gay bars, indie coffee shops, and delicious culinary delights.

Once you’ve decided on the perfect Seattle neighborhood to fit your budget and lifestyle, reach out to a local Seattle moving company to learn more about the area and receive a free moving estimate.