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5 Tips for a Smooth Winter Move

5 Tips for a Smooth Winter Move

In an ideal world, your moving day would fall on a perfectly sunny day, with no ice or snow to distract you from transporting all your precious belongings into your new home. Unfortunately, the weather can be unpredictable, especially at our moving headquarters in Boston, and you may need to move to a new location during an off-season time of the year, such as a winter move.

Regardless of the circumstances, Gentle Giant is trained to offer the best service possible. Here are some our top pieces of advice for moving during the winter months.

  1. Keep winter weather equipment accessible: keep a supply of winter tools on hand – such as ice melt, a small shovel and an ice scraper in case you need to quickly make a path out of your current home or into your new home. You also should pack some towels to wipe down wet or dirty boxes.
  2. Send your furry friends to doggy day care: As much as a new move will be a transition for you, your pets will also have to learn to adjust to a new place. To prevent them from sneaking out or being afraid, consider boarding your pets on moving day and potentially the following day.
  3. Considering turning your heat off:  Since our Giants will be in and out of your home for the day, your door is likely to be open, which will let out precious heat! Instead, save money on your electric bill by shutting off the heat for the day. You can still run a space heater in the main bathroom, so one important room will at least be warm.
  4. Take extra care of your fragile items: The cold temperatures will make your delicate items more brittle, so consider double packing them so they are less likely to break. Remember to keep anything that could be severely damaged by cold temperatures, especially your electronic devices, in your vehicle for extra protection.
  5. Prepare a warm beverage for extra comfort: An easy way to stay warm during your moving day is to enjoy a warm drink like hot chocolate, tea or cider. Keep a CrockPot of your desired hot beverage heating in your kitchen for a quick comfort.

We wish you the best of luck during your upcoming winter move! Remember to give us a call at 800-442-6863 with any additional questions or to book your next winter move with us.