Top Ways to Prepare for a Move

Top Ways to Prepare for a Move

Editor’s Note: The following is a guest blog post by Jessica D., a content creator based in Denver.

After years of laughter, memories with loved ones, and plenty of moments gone awry (that you look back on and laugh about, right?), deciding to move is a big decision. Finalizing your choice to pack up your life and relocate may be emotionally taxing, but the legwork that follows can be physically draining as well. Creating a plan for yourself and sticking to it will allow you to organize your moving process, helping to relieve some of the stress you may feel during this major life change. Here are a few suggested items to get in order before the big moving day!

Start Talking About Your New Life
Although leaving your current home may be sad, moving into a new one is supposed to be an exciting adventure. Don’t spend your last months in your current home mourning all the things you’ll be leaving behind when you finally do move. Instead, reminisce about the wonderful memories you’ve made and begin to imagine all the new ones you’ll create in your next home. This will help you and your family become excited about the chapter ahead, prevent buyer’s regret, and help put closure to your current place.

To get even more excited for the move, start planning opportunities for making new memories right away. Plan for a housewarming party dated a month after moving to help you reconnect with loved ones and meet your neighbors!

Switch Over Your Utilities
This should be a priority on your moving to-do list. By the week of your move, make sure to switch over your utilities to your new house so you’re not without necessities during your first nights. After a long weekend of packing, you’re going to want hot running water!

Within the last two months leading up to your move, do a final glance of your new home to ensure it’s still in tip-top shape and ready for move-in. For example, if you’re moving during a significant seasonal transition (such as winter to spring), consider bringing a local plumber to check out your pipes to ensure there aren’t any weather-induced damages such as cracks. A quick search for “plumbers near me” will have a professional surveying the pipes and getting your plumbing ready in time for your move.

Hire Movers in Advance
The last thing you want to do is wait until the final countdown to find a moving company to meet your moving needs. It is suggested that you should start researching moving companies as soon as you decide to move and place your home on the market. Doing this in advance will allow you plenty of time to budget for moving expenses and ensure you’ll have the necessary resources to move on your schedule. Look for moving companies offering additional services such as help with packing. When it’s crunch time, you may find that you need assistance with tedious stowing and hauling; having the option will be a relief.

Create A Packing Schedule
If you have a lot to pack, do so in waves to minimize the work down the road. Start up to two months in advance and follow a weekly packing plan to help move in an organized, stress-free process. One or two months before the move, begin decluttering your home. You’re starting a new chapter in your life, so there is no need for old junk that no longer serves your lifestyle, and you’ll be thankful when it’s time to unpack again. To keep things organized, be sure to invest in labels and sharpies to clearly identify which box contains what possessions.

Moving doesn’t need to be a painful project. Taking proactive steps to stay organized early in the process can help to offset anxiety and will help keep the focus on the fun adventures ahead! When you’re ready to move, give us a call at 800-442-6863 to learn more about our local and long distance moving services.