Gentle Giant HR & Training Benefits Employee Growth

Gentle Giant HR & Training Benefits Employee Growth

Winter is the slow season at Gentle Giant, but with that comes an opportunity to focus on improving employee engagement and expanding skill sets through training. A phrase that has been the key to recruiting Gentle Giant’s unique workforce has always been “We develop leaders, not laborers.” This highlights our commitment to employing articulate, intelligent individuals and equipping them with the soft skills they need to offer exceptional service.

Our Movers & Employees Get Custom Training

We recognize that our continued success is the result of diverse employees well-trained to address and work through the multitude of stresses that may arise on moving day. From guided role-playing with an improv acting group, to monthly external career coaching sessions, Gentle Giant is always looking for creative solutions to improve employee experience and performance.

The Gentle Giant training department works tirelessly to stay at the forefront of workforce improvement, utilizing unique approaches to tackle common challenges, both in the office and on the trucks. For example, improving communication in the workplace is a frequently mentioned goal. The Predictive Index (PI) is a behavioral assessment tool used to increase communication and self-awareness of employees. It is an important part of training that help managers better understand employee needs, improve performance conversations and make informed decisions.

Managers and Movers Both Benefit from Training

Training opportunities are not limited to those in management and leadership positions. Gentle Giant recognizes that our success is largely driven by having a self-aware workforce that can have healthy, transparent conversations, with managers and customers alike. Training classes related to giving and receiving feedback, conflict resolution, active listening, self and social awareness, and how to address sensitive aspects of moving day are available to employees throughout the company. Managers receive specific training on employee development, performance management, and how to create and sustain high performing teams. The goal of our training classes is to ensure that employees can solve any problems that come their way.

An Independent Development Plan is another unique opportunity guided by the training department for high potential individuals to target areas of interest and desired skill development. Gentle Giant recognizes that many employees are not joining the company in the hopes of becoming career movers, but instead as a stop on their way to larger life plans. Employees have gone on to be doctors, lawyers, and Olympic athletes, to name a few. Gentle Giant’s goal is to help all employees, regardless of tenure, reach their maximum potential. Through the variety of management and soft skill training offered employees are encouraged to be their best selves, within the company and beyond.

If you are interested in learning more about the opportunities we offer in developing leadership skills and employment experience, please visit us here.