The Ultimate Gentle Giant Change of Address Checklist

The Ultimate Gentle Giant Change of Address Checklist

During the moving process, there are so many logistics to cover and changes to be made. A very important item to take care of during your journey is notifying important companies about the change of your address, which can affect your bills, mail and so much more.

Here are the change of address notifications we recommend making during your moving journey:

1.) The post office – Visit your local branch to fill out a change of address form and arrange for your mail to be forwarded.

2.) The IRS – Print out and mail the IRS’ Change of Address form.

3.) Banks – This includes your general checking and savings accounts, but should also apply to your retirement funds and investment accounts.

4.) Credit card companies – Even if you go paperless, it’s still important to update your change of address with credit card companies.

5.) Student loan lenders – Likewise, letting your loans holders know your new address is important for all types of communications.

6.) Utility companies – Make sure you have arranged for service at your new address, and to have service shut off at your current address at the appropriate time.

7.) Insurance companies – Such as car, health, dental, life and home/renters’ insurance.

8.) Government agencies – Especially if you receive benefits from Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid or any other government assistance program.

11.) Entertainment services – Phone company, cable, internet, streaming services, online shopping and magazine subscriptions.

12.) Your doctor and dentist – While you’re at it, ask for referrals in your new city, and have your medical information transferred.

13.) Your current employer – Although you may be switching jobs during your move as well, you will want them to have an updated information for paychecks and tax forms.

14.) Voter registration – If you aren’t registered to vote at your new address, you may have trouble at the polls verifying your identity.

15.) Department/Registry of Motor Vehicles – This is especially important to have match your voter registration records.

16.) Family and friends – Even though many may already know, it can’t hurt to send a helpful reminder of your new address.

After your move, as you adjust to your new living situation, you’ll feel more secure knowing your new address has been updated with these necessary companies and organizations. We wish you the best of luck during your next move!  To learn more about our moving services, request a quote today.