Celebrating Our 2018 Employee Health and Wellness Week

Celebrating Our 2018 Employee Health and Wellness Week

Every July, the ranks of Gentle Giant swell to their peak of the year. It is a busy time, full of hustle and bustle and many long, hot days. With those hours of hard work in mind, there is no better time to celebrate the importance of healthy living with one of our favorite weeks of the year: Wellness Week.

As a company that relies on the physical fitness of the staff, Gentle Giant puts a strong emphasis on health and wellness in the work place. From an onsite CrossFit gym with a well-used cardio station, a staff chiropractor, and monthly meditation sessions, the company encourages staff to seek health in mind and body. This focus on well-being has brought Gentle Giant honors such as the Boston’s Healthiest Employers and Best Places to Work awards. These employee-facing awards are a point of pride as the company works tirelessly to ensure staff are enabled with the tools to succeed.

Wellness Week is a time when the company gives back to all the hard-working employees with thanks through a variety of events and activities. The week starts bright and early Monday morning with breakfast to fuel movers through a long day of work and is filled with everything from a company sponsored 5K to a tutorial on composting.  All events focus on the importance of both physical and mental well-being and offer staff the opportunity to try new outlets for healthy stress relief including onsite seated massages, yoga for all experience levels, and an intro to CrossFit.

In the months leading up to Wellness Week, the Green Team and Giant Health Team work to create a garden haven in the land around the office building. Beginning in the still chilly month of May, the outdoor enthusiasts begin weeding, tilling, and planting. By mid-July, the raised garden beds burst with tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans, kale, red lettuce, basil, mint, and all the ingredients needed for an impromptu fresh salad at lunch, perhaps in place of a not so healthy take-out option. Branching out over the beautifully full garden beds are a peach and apricot tree, laden with ripening goodies.

The continually growing, blooming garden offers a welcome space for city-dwelling staff who are not able to find their own green corner. It creates a wonderful healthy option during the summer months full of BBQs and picnics on the beach. It is a true retreat from the city world surrounding the Boston-based office.

With July coming to an end, we toast to a wonderful month full of massages, road races, fresh salads, and a happy staff!