What does a Full-Service Residential Moving Company include?

What does a Full-Service Residential Moving Company include?

A full-service residential move means your movers handle every part of the process, from packing up your original home to moving you into your new home (and everything in between). Full-service moving is the ideal option for people who want to avoid the stress and physical labor associated with moving. Unsure how to disassemble your bookshelf? Worried about your back while lifting heavy boxes? Maybe you don’t have the means to transport all of your belongings to your destination. Full-service residential movers will take care of every step so you can focus on getting settled in your new home.

Full-Service Residential Moving Options

1) Furniture Disassembly and Assembly

Some moves require the disassembly of furniture. Oftentimes, furniture like couches, dressers, and wardrobes may be too large to fit down a narrow staircase. Your full-service movers will have the know-how to safely disassemble your items and reassemble them in your new home. This way you can avoid having to find the right tools, transport parts, and the fear of losing screws along the way.

2) Packing and Unpacking

For a lot of people, the most stressful part of a move is packing and unpacking the entire contents of their home. It can be difficult to assess how many moving boxes you need, and how much time it will take to pack and unpack. That’s why we recommend leaving it to the professionals. A reliable full-service moving company like Gentle Giant will be able to estimate the required materials and time based on one home walk-through or phone call. They’ll then show up at your home and meticulously pack every item and piece of furniture for transportation. Once your belongings make it to your new home, your movers will then unpack every box and place your furniture exactly where you want it so you can avoid any back-breaking work.

3) Loading and Unloading Boxes & Furniture

Full-service moving companies will load all of your boxes and furniture onto a moving truck and transport them to your new home. Where moves involve transporting heavy or delicate furniture like couches, dressers, artwork, and electricals, having experts do the work for you will save stress and the potential for damage. Once the moving trucks arrive at your new home, your full-service movers will efficiently unload everything, placing boxes and furniture in their assigned rooms. They’ll even re-arrange your furniture so that it looks just right!

4) Transportation

Once everything is packed and loaded, your movers will transport your belongings to your new address. While the movers won’t allow you to ride in the truck with them, they will get your valuables from A to B safely. To help you better understand the cost of your full-service move it’s worth noting that you will pay for drive time:

  • from the moving company to your original home;
  • from your original home to your new one;
  • and back to the moving company.

5) Storage

If you require short-term or long-term storage for your belongings many moving companies will have secure facilities for you to avail of. The cost of storing your items with a moving company will depend on the timeframe and number of items.

You can expect to pay on average $250 per month for storage services. However, this will depend on the unit size you require. According to move.org, the average monthly cost of a small unit (5×5-5×10 ft.) is $60. A medium-sized unit (5×15-10×15 ft.) is approximately $140 per month, while a larger unit (10×20-10×30 ft.) is about $260 per month.

Do you have an upcoming local or long-distance residential move? Let us shoulder the burden for you from start to finish. Check out our moving checklist for further information on how to prepare for your move and use our free move estimate tool to determine the cost of your full-service residential move. Additionally, you can view our locations, and the various moving services we offer including packing, piano moving, and more here.