5 Things to Keep and 5 Things to Get Rid of When You Move Across the Country

5 Things to Keep and 5 Things to Get Rid of When You Move Across the Country

As you begin packing for your long-distance move, it’s normal to wonder which items you should leave behind, and which items are worth transporting hundreds of miles to your new destination.

Here are five items we recommend keeping and five items we recommend donating or selling while preparing for your move across the country:

Five Things to Keep When Moving Long-Distance

1.) Precious and sentimental memories

Even if you don’t use these items every day, any sentimental item you feel is worth keeping should be thoughtfully considered. These items could include souvenirs from a trip or special event, an item passed down from a family member, or any item of significance which provides you with peace and joy.

2.) Personal records and documents

Before your move, we recommend having these items saved virtually in a safe location, but it’s important to have the original copies as well. These records will be different for everyone but can include a marriage license, birth certificate, social security card, adoption decree and more.

3.) Items of irreplaceable value

These items are similar to those of precious and sentimental value, and can include artwork, auctioned items, and expensive items not worth repurchasing. Any item you have which has now been discontinued or is extremely difficult to repurchase would also fall into this category.

4.) Comfort items for your pets or children

The moving process is an overwhelming experience, so any items which can provide comfort during this stressful time should be taken with you to your new home. These can include favorite leashes or toys for your dog, and any favorite books, blankets and toys belonging to your child.

5.) Any household item in good condition that you use on a regular basis

A move may be a great excuse for you to replace any household items you are looking to upgrade, but you don’t need to sell or donate every household appliance you own. Keep any household item you use regularly which is still in proper working condition.

Five Things to Get Rid of When Moving Long-Distance

1.) Appliances you haven’t used in years

This is a great time to sell or donate any appliance you have had sitting in your cabinet or basement which hasn’t been used yet or hasn’t been used in years. To decide whether you should keep the item or leave it behind, take note of whether or not you’ve used it the last three to six months.

2.) Any items which have expired

It can be easy for expired items to sit in our cabinets and shelves without our knowledge. Make sure to dispose of any expired food items, makeup, and body care products prior to moving day.  

3.) Old towels and sheets

Prior to getting rid of any old towels or sheets, check in with your local animal shelter, as many shelters will take these items to assist in caring for animals in need.  

4.) Clothes which no longer fit or are damaged

It’s a smart idea to take a thorough look at your closet while preparing for your move, as it would be foolish to pack up clothes you cannot wear at your new destination. To take the process a step further, you can also donate or sell any clothes which haven’t been worn in the last six months.

5.) Excess media you no longer use or watch

Many people have transferred their music and movies to digital alternatives, but if you still own CDs, DVDs or similar media items, decide if you want to keep them enough to pack them up for a long-distance move.

Once you’ve finalized your moving timeline, give a reputable long-distance moving company such as Gentle Giant a call, or fill out our web form for a free estimate to get the moving process started.