Why a White Glove Moving Service Will Actually Save You Money on Your Move

Why a White Glove Moving Service Will Actually Save You Money on Your Move

During your research for a reputable company ahead of your moving day, you’ll likely come across the term “white glove moving” as an additional service, above and beyond what a company would normally provide their customers. At Gentle Giant, we take pride in treating every move as if it were a white glove move, making sure every customer feels valued and respected.

For those who have never used a professional moving service before, the cost of hiring movers might feel overwhelming. You might be wondering if it’s worth it to invest in the service or opt for a DIY move. We completely understand this hesitation and concern, but when it comes to protecting your valuables and your mental health, we definitely recommend hiring a reputable moving service such as Gentle Giant. Our team members have years of experience within the transportation industry and will treat your items with care and precision, as if they were our own.

Here are a few ways in which a white glove moving service will save you money on your move in the long-term.

1.) A white glove moving service will protect your items carefully in transit

To ensure the safety of your items, a professionally trained white glove moving company will blanket wrap all your furniture to make sure your belongings stay safe for the duration of relocation. When a moving service forgets this step or fails to complete it due to lack of resources, there is an increased risk of your items becoming damaged before reaching their final destination. This is not a risk many people are willing to take, as certain items we own have particular sentimental value and cannot be replaced. For items which can be replaced, it can be a time-consuming, financially stressful process.

Save yourself the worry and book your move with a white glove moving company to avoid any added risk of your belongings not arriving to your home the way they should. In the unlikely case there is still damage to one of your items, our quality control department will work with you to repair or replace the item at our expense.

2.) A white glove moving service will save you time, which in turn saves you money

Anyone who has attempted a DIY move understands how time-consuming and mentally draining the process can be. Between packing, the onload and offload, and unpacking everything independently, it’s a long and daunting process from start to finish. Hiring a white glove moving service means investing in trained professionals, many of whom are current or former athletes, who will do all the heavy lifting in a timely fashion.

Your trusted white glove movers can even arrange your items in the exact location you specify, rather than leaving everything at your main entrance and heading out. We will gladly reassemble any items which required disassembly prior to transit, a service which is incredibly beneficial for large and bulky items that can be difficult to move independently. The less time you have to spend moving everything on your own and reassembling furniture means you’ll have extra space in your schedule for relaxation, work, or socializing with your friends and family. Remember, time is money, and we value yours!

3.) A white glove moving service includes free delivery of packing materials

The packing process is anxiety-inducing in its own right, aside from frantically running to pick up more boxes, due to underestimating how many materials you might need. Say goodbye to those worries with free moving box delivery from Gentle Giant. Our Top Box team will custom fill your order and neatly stack the materials wherever in your home is most convenient.

This will save you time and gas money instead of making multiple trips to the store. Our materials are so durable, you may find you need even less boxes overall. We can even leave them in a safe, dry location if you are away from your home during the delivery time, and we will coordinate this with you prior to the drop-off date. This service is currently available to our Massachusetts customers and is just another way we love to go above and beyond for our customers.

Ready to learn more about booking a white glove move? Want to know what makes our white glove movers different compared to the competition? Check out our free request an estimate form to share your inventory and gain insight from one of our move consultants.