Safety First (for You and Your Belongings!) – Why to Choose a White Glove Moving Service

Safety First (for You and Your Belongings!) – Why to Choose a White Glove Moving Service

Ahead of your upcoming local or long-distance move, you might be considering hiring a white glove moving service to make sure your belongings are treated with the highest quality care.

Many moving companies advertise “white glove moving” as an additional service beyond what they already provide. At Gentle Giant, we take great pride in our work and we aim to treat every move like a white glove move, making sure we care for your items as if they were our own.

Here are a few reasons why you should choose a white glove moving service:

1.) White glove movers provide extra protection for your items

To ensure your items stay safe, our Gentle Giant white glove movers will blanket wrap all of your furniture to make sure they aren’t damaged in transit. Our Giants are trained to know how to load a moving truck appropriately and in a layout which will reduce the chances of any quality control issues.

For an extra layer of protection, many customers who book a white glove moving service will add our packing and unpacking services to their job. Whether you are consumed with other moving tasks or simply don’t want to pack your own items, our trained white glove movers will pack your items carefully and with great attention to detail to make sure they are protected at the highest level.

2.) White glove movers will assemble and offload your items wherever you want them

Instead of simply placing all your items right at the entrance of your new home and heading out, our white glove movers will arrange your items in the exact location you specify. For any items we had to disassemble prior to transit, we take the time to carefully reassemble them at their destination.

Certain rooms in your home, such as your bedroom and living room, will greatly benefit from having your mattress and couch assembled in the exact spot you need. We wouldn’t be doing our job correctly if you spent the rest of your evening moving large items to the spot where you need them to be, so we wouldn’t think twice about making sure they’re placed correctly. It’s just another way we take care of our customers and make sure their move is exceptional!

3.) White glove movers come with a 100% crew guarantee

We respect the time and trust you place in Gentle Giant when hiring us as your white glove movers. Once your move is complete, we encourage you to reach out to us if you feel a member of your white glove moving crew didn’t perform to your standards, and we will be happy to hear more about what occurred.

Our money-back crew guarantee means you’re entitled to a refund in the unlikely event that you are dissatisfied with one of our team members. Due to this added assurance, our customers can book their white glove move with Gentle Giant knowing they will be heard and valued every step of the way.

Ready to learn more about booking a white glove move? Want to know what makes our white glove movers different compared to the competition? Check out our free request an estimate form to share your inventory and gain insight from one of our move consultants.