Women Make Great Movers

Women Make Great Movers

Gentle Giant Smashes Stereotypes on International Women’s Day and Beyond

Editor’s Note: The following blog post includes content from Mojie Crigler, a freelance writer currently based in Boston, and supporting details from our editor-in-chief.

On the heels of yesterday’s International Women’s Day, we have appreciated the opportunity to intentionally reflect on the impact that amazing women have had within our company. From operations to the office, we are grateful for all of the women who make Gentle Giant an incredible place to work.

Moving a home or business from one location to another is like solving a puzzle, whether it’s a local or long distance move. Carrying heavy bulky furniture, whose size or weight might call for brute strength, is just one piece of the puzzle. In fact, most items are medium-size boxes, chairs, and tables; items which don’t necessarily require a mover who is super strong or tall.

Of course, movers must be physically fit, which is why running the Harvard Stadium is a rite of passage for new Boston-based Giants. Once on the job, movers realistically use just as much brain as brawn. Care and attention are needed for packing fragile or antique items. Strategic planning ensures that everything fits into the truck and won’t fall over when the truck moves. Mental endurance helps movers stay focused throughout long, challenging jobs.

The Best Movers Put Customers at Ease

Equally important is a mover’s emotional intelligence. Moving is among the most stressful life events. It ranks next to death, divorce, marriage, and the birth of a child. In fact, people are often moving because of one of these events, so the stress of moving can compound upon other stressors.

The best movers are able to imagine themselves in their customer’s situation. What’s the reason for the move? How can we lift some of the stress? Would it be appropriate to make a joke? How can we make this move the best experience it can possibly be?

Emotional intelligence is where the stereotype of the “male mover” can really fall apart. Generally, women excel in empathy. This is a big reason why Monique Gallant, an HR Generalist at Gentle Giant, says “there is inherent value to having a female presence on a crew.”

“Women are very good at putting a customer at ease,” says Gallant, a Giant since 2013. “You have to be half psychologist, half mover, because it’s such a stressful day for the customer.” At Gentle Giant, customer service is paramount.

Moving is a Great Job for Women – Especially at Gentle Giant

Moving can be an excellent job for women and Gentle Giant is an excellent place to work. It’s a meritocracy, says Gallant, who is actively recruiting women for jobs as movers. “Work hard and you will go places.”

In addition to solid base pay, the job offers full benefits, including health, dental, disability, and life insurance, as well as a retirement plan. It’s basically a paid workout, says Gallant, who takes advantage of the flexible-schedule policy to go on long-distance bike trips. Extensive internal training help Giants develop hard and soft skills. A clear job ladder shows how employees can turn those skills into promotions.

Want to be a Giant? Check out our careers page for more information on joining the ranks of what Gallant calls “a company with a soul.”