5 Home Security Tips When Moving into a New Home

5 Home Security Tips When Moving into a New Home

Editor’s Note: The following is a guest post by Eric Tress, a content creator from Scorpion Protective Coatings.

Moving into a new home is an exciting, tedious process. With so much preparation to be done, it can be easy to throw caution to the wind and forget about home security.

Burglars tend to strike most before new homeowners fully occupy their home, but after they have moved their belongings into their new space. To ensure your belongings are protected, it is important to make home security a high priority on your relocation to-do list.

Here are five tips we recommend to improve security after moving into a new home.

Tip #1: Assess the condition of your doors

The first security measure you should take before you move your belongings to your new house is checking your doors. They will always be your first line of defense, so assess the condition of all major doors as soon as possible.

First, check the materials the doors are made of. Are they solid and strong enough? Are the hinges and locks in good condition? These observations will help you make any necessary door upgrades to have them in the most secure condition.

Tip #2: Re-key all your outside door locks

This is one of the most important yet overlooked security measures a new homeowner should consider. You have no idea how many people were given keys to unlock the previous homeowner’s doors. They may have given spare keys to neighbors, babysitters, relatives and even friends.

You wouldn’t want to have your keys in the hands of people you don’t know, so always look for a locksmith to put in new locks for your home before move-in day.

Tip #3: Install a home security system

A home security system can be used to monitor your home and alert the police in case of any burglary attempts. These features will make your home an unattractive spot to any unwelcome guests.

As a bonus, a home with a home security system is likely to lower homeowner’s insurance costs. Many insurance companies give discounts based on the security features your home has. Make sure you inquire about this feature with your insurance company before or after the installation process.

Tip #4: Secure your windows

Windows are the most vulnerable and common entry point for burglars. Reinforce your windows by adding bars and grilles to help prevent window break-ins.

As an extra benefit, you can add window security film to stop any prying eyes from looking directly into your house.

 Tip #5: Say hello to your neighbors

Visit your neighbors for a friendly chat and introduce yourself. When possible, make friends with them. By letting them know who you are, they can inform you in case of anything suspicious, and if they want to approach you about something, you’ll already know the person walking up to your door.

Moving into a new house is one of the most exciting things a homeowner gets to experience. Don’t let burglars ruin the fun – use home security tips to stay safe!

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