Gentle Giant Gears Up for Another Year of Allston Christmas

Gentle Giant Gears Up for Another Year of Allston Christmas

It may feel a bit premature to be digging out holiday music in August, but here at Gentle Giant, the festivities always begin a bit early – September 1st, to be precise. It is the day we build up to every year, when college students arrive, summer residents depart, and moving mayhem ensues throughout the city and on all major road ways. Doesn’t it sound just grand?

What is Allston Christmas?

September 1st has long been dubbed “Allston Christmas” and refers to the two-day period when roughly 80% of all Boston area leases turn over. It is a time of new beginnings brimming with hope, excitement, and at least one rented moving truck stuck on Storrow Drive. To all of you out there renting your own truck, please remember: you cannot drive a moving truck on Storrow Drive. I repeat, you cannot drive a moving truck on Storrow Drive. And one last time, all together now: you cannot drive a moving truck on Storrow Drive!

Some things are best left to the professionals—which is where Gentle Giant comes in. Allston Christmas is a veritable smorgasbord of free sidewalk furniture, traffic jams, and sweaty 20-somethings hauling every manner of futon, sofa, and mattress down crowded sidewalks. At Gentle Giant, we live for these busy days when our years of practice really show. Efficient, organized, impeccable parallel parkers and well-versed in the rules of the road, our team of 250 movers know how to weather this storm – or holiday, depending on how you look at it.

The 12 Days of Allston Christmas?

Recently, with ever-increasing demand for moving trucks and professional labor, renters have been forced to be flexible and sometimes get a bit creative to secure moving services on one of the many days surrounding September 1st. As such, this “holiday” of sorts has expanded to essentially encompass the last week of August and first week of September.  It is almost as if there are now 12 Days of Allston Christmas.

If we had to write our own rendition of the classic Christmas tune for Allston Christmas, we’d phrase it a little something like this:

For the 12 days of Allston Christmas my favorite moving company sent to me…

12 gallons of water
11 fragile floral floor lamps
10 tons of book boxes
9 movers moving
8 summer suns a blazing
7 traffic jams a crawling
6 sleeper sofas hoisting
5 Gentle Giants
4 floor walkups
3 well-packed wardrobes
2 purple trucks
and A Parking Permit on a Busy Street

We said it last year and we will say it again – from your friendly Boston movers, Merry Allston Christmas to all, and to all a good move!