The 5 Best States to Move to in 2021

The 5 Best States to Move to in 2021

Over the last year, many of us have had time to consider our next steps, including where we’d like to live as the world gradually returns to a pre-pandemic normal. Several companies have committed to remote work flexibility as a long-term solution, while others are offering a hybrid model, and some returning to the office full-time.

For those seeking a fresh start, here are five of the best states to move to in 2021:

1.) Colorado

Gorgeous weather and fresh mountain air await you in beautiful Colorado. There will always be something incredible to explore outdoors: the Rocky Mountains, the Colorado River, the Great Plains, and more. A strong economy and stable business environment bring equal appeal, especially in a post-pandemic world. Particularly in Denver, residents will adore the yearly average of 300 days of sunshine and six months of skiing conditions, making this our top state to move to.

2.) New Hampshire

This state’s nature beauty, complete with stunning mountains, rivers, and lakes, makes it an attractive New England gem. A low crime rate and an affordable cost of living attracts residents from across the country. Its economy is fueled by industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, and IT, contributing towards increased job opportunities and an unemployment rate below the national average.

One of the most appealing aspects of life in New Hampshire is the lack of sales tax. Once you’re ready to move to a new state, you know which trusted New Hampshire movers to call!

3.) Utah

Another great state for outdoor adventure seekers, Utah boasts incredible national and state parks, ski resorts, and landscapes. City lovers will find comfort in Salt Lake City, the state’s capital and home of the Sundance Film Festival. Its unemployment rate is the lowest in the country and is an ideal tourist spot, due to its four-way shared border with Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico at one geographical location.

4.) Virginia

There is plenty of natural beauty to discover in Virginia, from the Chesapeake Bay to the Blue Ridge Mountains, and a plethora of beaches in between. Despite its abundance of forestry, it’s only a short drive away from the nation’s capital. Families and pet owners alike will fit in well among the numerous small towns, complete with parks and charm in our 4th top state to move to.

5.) Massachusetts

We’ve saved the best for last, although we’re a bit biased with our moving company headquarters being located in the Bay State. Our state’s greatest strengths lie in education and healthcare, in which we are rated the first and second best in the nation, respectively.

Beyond city life within Greater Boston, those seeking a quieter environment will find solace in Western Massachusetts or in Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard, and Cape Cod. When it comes to civil rights, Massachusetts has paved the way in universal healthcare coverage and was the first state to legalize same sex marriage.

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