Fight Post-Holiday Blues with a Fun & Flexible Job

Fight Post-Holiday Blues with a Fun & Flexible Job

The wrapping paper lies crumpled and discarded, the holly is brittle and dry, and you have said your goodbyes to extended family and friends in town for the season. All of this can only mean one thing: the holidays are ending.

Feeling a bit sad or overwhelmed? Never fear, Gentle Giant is here, with some tips on what to do when the holidays are over and the new year is quickly approaching. Finish off that eggnog, sweep up the dropped pine needles, haul out the dried-up fire hazard of a tree, and carefully pack away the fragile ornaments for next year.

Get 2019 Off to a Great Start: Become a Giant (Or Encourage Your Student to!)

It is never too soon for you or your college student to start hunting for their summer (and winter break and spring break) job. Gentle Giant has long been a major employer of college athletes and students in the Boston area.

With a flexible calendar system, competitive pay, generous tips, and an active, friendly work environment, GG is the ideal job for anyone, including students looking to make some spending money while staying fit. The calendar system, which allows employees to pick their own days of availability, means that weekends out of town, sports competitions, or family vacations are just fine.

Gentle Giant Builds Future Leaders

At Gentle Giant, we don’t just focus on the physical benefits of an active job; there is an ongoing emphasis on developing soft skills and building our future leaders. We empower our team to work closely and be empathetic with customers, throughout what can be a stressful day, by providing formal and on the job training in communication and conflict resolution. We are confident that our employees leave Gentle Giant having learned how to conduct themselves calmly and professionally, even under pressure.  Check out some of our mover FAQs for potential employees.

Does this sound like a good fit for you or someone you know? Our recruiting team has already started interviewing students for this coming summer, some of whom are able to get their feet wet (or snowy, depending on the weather) with a few weeks of work during winter break and spring break.

Our mantra “once a Giant, always a Giant” means many employees join us during the summer and work all those future three-day weekends and long school breaks. Let’s get those college students off the couch and into a moving truck! Get in touch with our HR team today!