5 Essentials for Your First Home

5 Essentials for Your First Home

Editor’s Note: The following is a guest post by Matt Jordan, a marketing professional and content creator.

Moving into your first home is an exciting time; a space of your own comes with a sense of independence and new adventure. It’s important, however, to not get caught up in the excitement and forget to furnish your space with the essentials of a comfortable life. Here are five of the most important items to bring into your new home to help make it your own.

#1 First New Home Essential: Quality cookware
This big step into life on your own should mean no more microwave dinners! Invest in sturdy pots and pans, as well as a casserole dish and Crockpot to prepare for a lifetime of home cooking. Spending more money on higher-quality pieces now will give you years of use and prevent a lot of future headaches. Once you get settled, challenge yourself to cook more nutritious meals and let your creative juices flow.

#2 First New Home Essential: Dining room table
Now that you have your own place, you’re probably going to want to show it off and host some guests. A large, high-quality table creates a versatile space to do anything from serve Thanksgiving dinner, host game nights, or simply sip coffee and chat. Just be careful when selecting a table, and make sure it fits in your space.

#3 First New Home Essential: New bedding
Moving into your first home signals the end to your old twin bed and Power Ranger sheets. Treat yourself to something cozy, because you’ll likely be using this every day for years to come. Consider indulging in breathable, cotton sheets and investing in a mattress that’s engineered for comfort. After long days spent unpacking and preparing your home, you’ll feel the effects of a good night’s sleep immediately.

#4 First New Home Essential: Comfy sofa
Whether you’re lounging while watching TV, entertaining guests, or working from home, a comfortable couch is an essential aspect to any living space. It often becomes the gathering place of the home, so it’s important to choose the one that looks great and feels even better. Like a dining room table, the specific type of sofa you need largely depends on your budget and space, so be sure to carefully consider all options before buying.

#5 First New Home Essential: Artwork
Add a few personal touches to your new space by hanging some artwork. This can not only brighten your house, but also truly make it feel more like your home. It doesn’t have to be a priceless (but expensive) painting, either. There are a lot of department stores that offer beautiful canvas art or decorative vases for a reasonable price.

Choosing how to furnish your own space is an important step in personalizing your new home. Consider making the investment in higher-quality products that will last and make your home comfortable. Just make sure you’re entrusting everything to expert movers like Gentle Giant, who can help you ease into your new home and start making memories.